Friday, February 29, 2008

Country Mouse rides the bus

I had a somewhat sheltered childhood, for which I am thankful to this day, but my naivete sometimes led me into sticky situations, such as my bus stop experience. It was the first day of sixth grade, and I was dressed to the nines. Well...not really, I was wearing overalls with cherries stitched into the bib. I have a picture, maybe someday I'll show it to you.

But anyway, I packed my lunchbox and notebook into my backpack, and headed off to the bus stop. Since sixth grade meant a new school, it also meant new kids at the stop. Kids I did not know. Town kids. Still, I swallowed my shyness and tried to look friendly, smiling as wide as possible at these new classmates.

When one of the boys from the stop came over to me, I thought I was in for sure. That's when it happened. He looked at me and said "Hey baby, wanna get laid?" Now....I don't know where that little punk learned that phrase, and I certainly do not condone that statement to anyone of any age, but being the naive country girl that I was, I had no clue what he meant. I searched my vocabulary for something, anything, to reply, after all I was trying to fit in. Eventually I stammered something about chickens and eggs...

I immediately realized this was not the correct response when he and some of the other older town kids started laughing hysterically. I felt my cheeks start to burn and my chin began to quiver. Oh no, I thought, I can't start to cry! Thankfully the bus pulled up and I scurried on, to the front seat, behind the driver, my salvation!

Saved by the bus!

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