Sunday, March 2, 2008

Uncle Sam

For as long as I can remember, seeing Uncle Sam was sort of like spotting a celebrity. He wasn't around all that often. He was just the coolest, biggest, strongest man a little farm girl could know. AND he always gave me red Kool-Aid. AND he would bring us containers of pennies to roll and take to the bank. AND he was just plain cool.

I realize now that he really is pretty cool. He is now a bush pilot in Alaska. No, really. look.

That's him sleeping on the wing of his plane. Oooh and check this out...

When he showed me this picture I tried to call him out and say that he photoshopped himself into it, which he vehemently denied. He has more pictures so I guess I believe him.

He was in the Army Rangers, and for a long time I thought maybe, just maybe, he never actually stopped being in the Army and was a super secret spy for the real Uncle Sam...hey I was young and lived on a farm. I had to make my own intrigue!

I really think every child should grow up with an Uncle Sam. There was always an interesting story for us a Christmas...stories my Mom didn't want us to hear, and that only made it all the more interesting!

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