Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Baby Sister

Today is my youngest sisters birthday!

She was the cutest kid, she had the best diaper waddle I have ever seen on any child. It was truly remarkable.

Not only that...but she had soft, bouncy curls, pouty lips, and big beautiful eyes. Needless to say that little stinker got away with everything.

As the youngest of four girls she was always in a rush to catch up...for instance I am pretty sure she started shaving her legs at the age of 9. No really, she did!

She turned out rather beautiful, wouldn't you agree?

I know, I know...disgusting (and I mean that with all the love of a big sister). Not too long ago she gave us all a big scare...

It wasn't her fault...but still very scary!

She is also a phenomenal volleyball player...I don't know anything about the game of volleyball, other than I must pay attention or risk taking a volleyball to the head, hypothetically speaking of course.

And most of the pictures she takes look like this...

I don't really know why..but I know she is happy I put this on here.


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