Friday, March 14, 2008

Cooking with Country Mouse

Ha, I bet you thought this would be an instructive post...WRONG! This is another story!

My mom had gone out on errands of some sort, and my older sister, younger brother and I decided to make peanut butter cookies for her! I was probably around 9 when this happened and I can't remember if there was an event we were making them for, Mom - if you are reading - was this for anything special? Mother's day, birthday, etc?

Anyway...for whatever reason, we were making cookies. Emily (my sister) was instructing us, and I was telling Everett (my brother) what to do. But I made one tragic mistake.

I misread the directions. I helped Everett measure the salt, and we added it to the mixture before anyone doublechecked. After all, I was 9 and probably should have paid more attention to detail, but that's really not my nature. So I accidentally added one and a half cups of salt to our batter.

It could happen to anyone! Yes, it could!

I think my Nanna caught on to my mistake and tried to get some of it out, but I had already mixed it...of course.

My mom, being the wonderful, loving woman that she is ate a cookie anyway, and told us she loved it, which she probably did ..but certainly not for the taste! I recently found out she saved one as well. She has the salty little treat in a baggie with her keepsakes to this day.

I never forgot the salt incident, and its the one ingredient I always double-check.


  1. Is there a place where I may purchase this glorious recipe? I think my children would one day enjoy torturing me too. :)

  2. ooh seem, being the master baker that I obviously am, I just wing it. But if you really want to get the taste of this delightful family treat, you could take any old peanut butter cookie recipe and add a cup of salt..minimum. Et voila, salt cookies!

  3. I am finding myself so uncharacteristically touched by the thought that your mother actually saved a cookie in a baggiee all these years.

    How sweet is that? And I am so glad this was not an instructional cooking post. Thanks for that.

  4. I know, she is adorable, she has a huge amount of stuff from my childhood. I thought it was pretty cool too!


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