Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter 2008

Easter was fun this year, my nephew Branson has learned that the Easter Bunny is, in fact, not real. He broke the news to me in the car after church.

"Bekah, did you know that the Easter Bunny didn't give me this candy?" he asked me as he dug through his basket.

"Oh, he didn't? Who is it from, bud?"

"Daddy got it for me. The Easter Bunny isn't real. Neither is Santa. Or Leprechauns."

I wasn't sure when he stopped believing in these things, so I feigned ignorance. "Oh really?" I asked.

"Yeah, they haven't been alive for a long time, not since Jesus was here, but when Jesus was here so was Santa and the Easter Bunny, Jesus is the only one who made it."

I love conversations with Branson. He has the most interesting logic, and is always willing to share it, even if he is only one who understands.

Later at my Dads house, Branson painted eggs. Then, he and my Dad went outside to throw them.

Yeah, throw them...I have no idea why.

I thought Easter Eggs were for eating. Apparently not, they are actually brightly colored grenades. My mistake.

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  1. hahaha, you didn't tell me that! he's hilarious. i can picture his matter-of-fact tone too.


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