Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Oukie and Dass

For as long as I can remember my Aunt and Uncle (Oukie and Dass) have basically been a second set of parents to my siblings and me.

Oukie is my Mom's sister, and she has the best laugh you will ever hear. Dass is a Richard Gere look alike who dances to music only he can hear, I realized that sounds sort of like "marches to the beat of a different drum" but that's not what I mean...what I mean is he just dances. In the kitchen. In the living room. Wherever he wants to. They are wonderful.

In January they moved to Croatia. Yeah, I know. Weird! But it's not really, it has been great for them. They email regularly, and send us pictures that make us jealous. When they said they were moving to Croatia I immediately thought of Russia...I don't know why, my geography knowledge leaves something to be desired. But it is nothing like Russia, no...it looks like this...

So, while we have been dealing with ice falling from the sky, they have been doing this...

That is Dass shopping at an open air fruit and veggie market...

And this is Oukie kissing a fish skeleton...because what else would she do there?

I miss them. But I am happy for them! And jealous. Aren't you?


  1. I miss them so much...it hurts sometimes! Thanks for your dear words! They adore you!

  2. There is so much more i wanted to write! They are very special people..but me telling you that is like preachin' to the choir huh?


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