Thursday, March 13, 2008

Maw Maw

I once told my mother that I was going to have little redneck kids, and they were going to run around naked and call her Maw Maw. She since then I have made sure to call her that just to prepare her. Its been loads of fun.

My mom might just be the sweetest woman that ever lived. If you know her I am sure you agree.

She is also the cleanest woman that ever lived. I once walked in on her vacuuming the vacuum. Apparently they get dusty too, which is true, I just never would have thought to vacuum it!

She got tennis elbow a few years ago, she doesn't play tennis. So I maintain that it was a combination of sweeping and window-cleaning elbow.

Oh she also has only one kidney...this lovely lady has the other. But that's another story for another time.

My favorite Mom advice was about love and marriage "It's not all running through a field with little white butterflies flippin' around your head!"

The image of little white butterflies flailing through the air has stuck with me to this day.

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