Thursday, March 27, 2008

Meeting My In-Laws

Ever since the show Everybody Loves Raymond came out, I have had this nagging fear that my in-laws were going to be like that. I was convinced that they would not approve of me, and that we would never get along.

These fears were reaffirmed when I met the parents of an ex, they had pictures of his previous girlfriend all over the house...nightmare!

Matt told me that he wanted to go visit his parents so I could meet them a few weeks after we had started dating. We were getting ready to leave his apartment, as I was headed towards the door he asked me "Don't you want to bring some clothes?"

"No, why?" I asked him.

"Oh, I thought I told you, we are staying at their house for the weekend."

My stomach hit the floor. Staying at their house??? But, but, but they are not going to like me! I cant stay at their house! What if they see me in the morning and disapprove of my bad hair? Of course I said none of this to him, packed a bag, and off we went.

I met him outside to see that he had taken the top off of his Jeep. Now, any curly haired girl will tell you that, although the idea of the wind blowing through your hair is nice, it is not good for curls! And giant frizzy hair was not quite the impression I wanted to make on his parents!

We decided to stop and have a little picnic first, after which we took a little walk, during which I slipped and fell in a creek.

By the time we got to his parents house I was muddy, wet, frizzy, and sun burnt. This was not what I had planned on.

His parents were so sweet and so nice, and I honestly felt very good about the meeting. We ate dinner and decided to go for a walk by a lake. On the drive there I started feeling sick, and by the time we got there I was miserable. I was dizzy, my head hurt, my stomach ached...and I didn't want to ruin our outing so I didn't say anything.

I was so sick by the time we got home, I immediately ran to the bathroom and threw up (sorry, I know that's not a nice topic of conversation but its a part of the story and I'm not going to hide the truth from you!), changed into my pajamas, and fell asleep on the couch with Matt.

After that though, the weekend went great! He comes from a fantastic family, and to date, none of my Everybody Loves Raymond nightmares have come true.


  1. Glad it turned out good in the end! Probably something you ate at dinner that didn't agree with you, combined with the walk.

  2. I remember when you fell asleep on me, and i passed out with my head back and mouth open haha.


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