Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Stud alert!

Meet my nephew...he is such a stud.

He has a tendency to pull me aside to confide some deep dark secret to me, one that he could not possibly say in front of anyone else. For instance, one night he and I were watching a movie in the living room, he leaned into me and said "Bekah, can we go into your room, I need to talk"

"Oh, okay. Sure, what's on your mind?" He looked down and tried to put words to his emotions. "It's just -- I just -- Bekah, I don't know how to make a rubber band ball..." He hung his head in shame. For a second I was at a loss...what do you say??

"Uh, buddy, that's okay. I can probably teach you to do that" His eyes brightened as he said "okay!" and skipped on out to finish his movie.

A couple weeks later he asked if we could talk again. I was sort of expecting the same type of dilemma. So this time as we sat down to chat I felt a little more confident in my ability to handle the personal drama of a first grader. "Bekah, I just -- I just don't think you are ever going to kiss me."

Once again, this child has left me unable to reply.

"Uh, what?"

"Well Bekah, I have gotten really close to your face and usually when I do that people kiss me."

"Oh...sorry." I hung my head in shame...I didn't know!

Since that incident there have been great strides in our relationship. I kiss him on the cheek, and he has a rubber band ball.

Life is good.

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