Monday, March 17, 2008

Things I Have Overheard 2

A few years ago I was Christmas shopping with my best friend Skye, yes that is her real name. We were buying gifts for our sisters at Victoria's Secret, which has some good smellies...slightly strong for me, but it was Christmas and not about me and my olfactory preferences.

So anyway...we were shopping amidst hundreds (okay maybe not hundreds in that store, but you know what i mean) of others buying gifts for loved ones. We happened to be near two men buying gifts for their wives. I assume they were either brothers or very close friends since they were helping each other pick out...uhh "sleepwear"...for their wives.

"Well, I like this one, but I just can't decide which color" said the first gift-buyer.

"What are the two colors you like the best?" asked his friend.

"Well," he replied, "I really like the white one, but white just gets so dirty so easily."

At this point I moved away, mostly so they would not hear me snort my drink through my nose, but also because I was afraid to hear what might come next.

I have always thought the thought processes of men, when it comes to women anyway, to be cute in a simple sort way. Where did he think she would be wearing that to get it dirty? Trust me when I say this particular item was not one that could be worn outside of the house.

Everytime I walk past a Victoria's Secret store I can't help but smile at the simple logic of that gift-buyer.

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  1. Cute. But did you know that most men prefer white? I read that somewhere years ago. I think they feel that their wives appear more virginal or something.

    My husband prefers black. I think he wishes I were a hooker. I don't know. I can't figure it out.

    I'm going to try once more to get into another of your posts. It's getting more difficult. I am the perserving type, however!


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