Monday, March 31, 2008

An update on Jaco

Jaco is doing well, he has finally completed all of his puppy immunizations..and he hated every minute of it. We recently took him to a St. Patricks Day Parade...He also didn't like that very much...apparently bagpipes are scary. But here he is with Matt.

Oh, so cute, both of 'em.

And here he is trying to start a fight....he has taken the story of David and Goliath to heart obviously.

Now...look closely...'Goliath' doesn't seem to be taking Jaco very seriously, does he?

Why...that dog is sticking his tongue out at my puppy! That dog has some nerve!

In other news...his ears are doing something funny...

I can't explain it. I took this yesterday, but they have been like this for about a week. I laugh so hard every time he looks at me with those rabbit ears. He's too much I tell ya!

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