Friday, March 28, 2008

The Ups and Downs

Matt and I had some ups and downs when we first started dating.

Not the way you are thinking, we had literal ups and downs. Matt likes to pick me up, I like to stay down. I enjoy having both feet firmly planted on the just makes sense to me.

And, to illustrate why I like being down, I will give you a glimpse into our relationship. Don't judge me by my hair, I can't help it, I was hiking! This particular series of photos is of the two of us, climbing waterfalls. We like doing things like this, and this particular place was more leisurely of a climb, so we could pause and pose for pictures. We climbed over a small run and posed for this one.
Then, because Matt was trying to be cute and romantic and spin me, he picked me up. "No, no" I said. " We might fall, look out for the wet spots its slippery."
"Don't worry," he said, "I got you."
Then, remember the wet spot I mentioned? Well, he found it.
Thank goodness for dead trees! I would like to point out that at this point, Brandon just kept snapping pictures instead of helping, and my dear sister just laughed.
It really wasn't too bad, we were lucky we landed in water not on rocks, and that the water was relatively shallow.

Needless to say...I still don't like to be picked up. But he still does anyway.

And I find this picture funny because for some reason my hand is blurry, like I was about to hit him...there. I wasn't! I swear!

Have a nice weekend!

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  1. I don't like being picked up either. My husband's favorite game when we were young like you was "see if you can get going" and he'd hold me really tight.

    Hated that one, too.


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