Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Country Mouse Travels

When I was nineteen I decided to do something out of the ordinary. I moved. To a different country (okay only for three months...but still!). I went to the Dominican Republic to work construction for some of the villages there. It was a life-changing experience, in more ways than one. Not only did I get the chance to immerse myself in a culture so unlike my own, but I had the opportunity to help them help themselves. I truly believe that in order to really help someone, you have to teach them how to better themselves. Here is what we were building...

What is so cool about it is that it is portable, oh and its a chapel, I think i forgot to mention that. We were building churches for communities that couldn't afford to do it on their own.

It was hard work, but it was so worth it. Some moments change the way you see the world.

Like this...

This a pastor who, until this point, had been conducting services in the street. They would set up chairs and have an impromptu church service. Seeing a smile on the face of someone, and knowing that you helped put it there is a feeling unlike any other.

Another way that trip changed my life is it is also where I met the man that would become my husband. We talk about that trip and laugh, because neither of us had any idea the way it would drastically change our lives. He looks at pictures of himself on that trip, shakes his head and mutters "poor sap, you have no idea what you are getting yourself into", but I see the smile begin in his eyes.

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