Thursday, April 10, 2008

All kinds of Cuteness

This might possibly be one of the cutest baby animals...

This is Flocke, I randomly saw this picture on AOL this morning...and proceeded to stare at it for a full minute. And for me to stare at anything for a full minute is an accomplishment.

This post has absolutely nothing to do with me, but I thought maybe you could all use a break from stories.

Look at him (her?)! He (she?) is playing! Alone. It breaks my heart...I just want to hug him (her?). I am convinced that baby animals of any kind are adorable, except maybe baby snakes, that is my own personal prejudice. But even then, in miniature they really aren't so bad. And ever since Charlotte's Web there has been a soft spot in my heart for baby spiders giving themselves names. Any animated animal that names itself Joy is okay in my book! Anybody know any of the other baby spider's names? Joy was the only what I remember. I want to say Arabella...but I honestly have NO idea where that is coming from.

I'll be MIA 'til Monday...we have wedding stuff to do! See you then! Have a nice weekend!

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