Thursday, April 24, 2008

Baby Brother and the Sawhorse

My baby brother, Everett, was always my little playmate on the farm. We would run around for hours doing who knows what. He was the cutest kid, he had bright blue eyes, a little crooked smile, and shockingly white hair. We got up to so much mischief. The fact that we are five years apart never seemed to matter much.

There was the time that we ran through the cornfield and grabbed a few ears of corn, we then ran to my Pop-pops pile of sand he had for mixing concrete, took off all the kernels of corn, and mixed it with the sand. All for the sake of art. The yellow kernels in the red sand really made a powerful statement. Unfortunately that statement was issued from my mother, and sounded something like "Go pick out every single kernel of corn from the sand."

Then there was the time we rode Biscuit. Oh I miss those days. We had a horse named Beau on the farm, and a pony named Frisket. Everett and I were not allowed to ride either of them, but wanted so desperately to be cowboys (well I guess it is cow BOY and cow GIRL, but that isn't really relevant to the story). We decided we were going horseback riding no matter what.

We got into the barn and lugged out a saddle, which by the way are heavier than you think. And, since we knew there was not a chance in Hades we were getting that on a horse, we also dragged out a sawhorse.

Pathetic, yes. Fun, surprisingly..yes

We put the saddle over the sawhorse...but something was missing. What was it...Oh! A head!

I ran inside and grabbed a pair of my mothers pantyhose, cut off a leg, and stuffed it with newspaper. we then attached it to the sawhorse with a few well placed nails.

Let the rodeo begin!

We must have sat up there, both in one saddle, for hours. We had imaginary adventures involving Indians and train robbers, starring us as the daring heroes on our powerful steed (a.k.a. sawhorse.) I will try to find the picture to post here sometime.

My baby brother is no longer so tiny. He is all grown up now. He graduates in about a month. Check him out.

These are his senior pictures, done by Sam's girlfriend Trinity.

I maintain that it is unfair that his senior pictures are freakin' awesome, while mine involve staring of into space with my hands under my chin. Needless to say Trinity did NOT take mine. She was still living in Georgia at that time...and not dating Sam.

Such a cool picture...butthead! Not that I am bitter. No...I will rise above...


  1. Dear Hammy! I love that kid!I can't believe that he is graduating!!! Times just goes by tooo fast!


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