Friday, April 25, 2008


Okay, I didn't want to tell you this. I really didn't, but Matt tells me that for the sake of honesty I have to tell you. First I have to tell you why I told him.

We are in the process of looking at houses. I was trying to tell my Dad about one of the houses which had an archaic furnace.

"A what?" he said.

"A furnace."

"What?," he asked again.

"A furnace Dad." I was almost yelling by this time.

"You're gonna have to spell it Bekah" he stated.

I wrote this off as a bad cell phone connection. It happens. Then that same night I ran into Sam. We got onto the subject of houses and I asked him if he knew anything about this furnace.

"About a what?" he asked.

"A furnace."

"What?" He squinted his eyes at me.

"A furnace, you know, for heat?" I said.

"Oh, a furnace."

Later that night when I was talking to Matt, I had to ask, I had to know.

"Honey? Do I have a speech impediment? Like, do I maybe say my R's wrong?"

He laughed and told me I didn't.

"I just worry that maybe I do, and no one will tell me so they don't hurt my feelings."

He said he would have told me. And then I said it, I spilled my secret fear to him.

"When I was little I was worried that maybe I was a little slow, and no one would tell me."

After he stopped laughing, he told me that I had to post it.

My cheeks burn as I prepare to hit the publish button.

But seriously, you guys would tell me....right?

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