Monday, April 14, 2008

I'm Back

And I am exhausted...the weekend was such a whirl. It was fantastic...but so fast! I haven't really gotten to look at my pictures yet, but here is a sample...
Being in the wedding meant not being able to get very many pictures..but I will see what I can salvage and try to get some better shots for you! But in the meantime...look at that dress! She was stunning...I was a wreck. She was calm...I was running around like a nincompoop. She seemed to savor every moment of the day...I have no idea where the day went.
I hope that in July I am as calm, stunning, and peaceful at she was on Saturday. (I don't think I mentioned that I am getting married in July yet, did I? Well I am.)
I can't even imagine how fast it must have gone for Emily and Brandon. They are now in Jamaica drinking margaritas and soaking up some sun...lucky little dogs! I'm so happy for them.


  1. Oh, my aching heart....Marm!!

  2. I love you dear sis! Your day will be just as amazing and just as big of a blur! :)

    Mrs. Emily Cover

  3. SISTER!!!! you are posting from Jamaica!?!?

    How is the weather? hahaha

    I have officially gone WORLDWIDE!

    Miss Country Mouse


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