Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Matt, stage 1

I can not get enough of Matt's baby pictures. Just seeing him so tiny and innocent..and pink. It gives me butterflies all over again!

Not to mention I burst out laughing when I see them!

How precious is that?

Look at those rolls! And the lips..oh the lips! I could stare at those lips for hours. Why was his upper lip absent in this picture? Why does his upper lip remind me of a turtle? Don't even get me started on that chin(s).

Somehow he turned into this...

Which I can (and often do) stare at for hours. Those eyes...I get lost in them! I can't resist them. Come to think of it...I get butterflies from this as well.

And, see! At some point he did develop an upper lip!


  1. i still have those chinky eyes though!

  2. I like those too though! Oh..and you can't say that on here...its not nice.


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