Friday, April 18, 2008

She Inspires Me

A few posts ago I told you that my Mom only has one kidney. I think this is as good a time as any to explain how that all came about.

I was in sixth grade when we moved to a new school district, so Emily was in eighth grade. She quickly made friends and became quite close to a girl named Valen. You can read more about Valen here. Valen has PKD (Polycystic Kidney Disease), a genetic, potentially life-threatening disease. There is no treatment, and there is no cure. What is even more shocking is the amount of people affected by this affects more that 12.5 million people worldwide

Some people can live almost their whole lives feeling few if any symptoms of PKD, Valen is not one of those people.

I think it is safe to say that no one could have guessed the impact that junior high friendship would have on both Valens family and our family. She and Emily went to college together, and shared a dorm room. Halfway through her freshman year she had to leave school due to severe complications of PKD.. She eventually had both of her kidneys removed and was put on dialysis.

She was put on the list of a transplant, but those lists are long and there was little hope she would get a transplant very soon.

Meanwhile, my Mom had been praying and felt that she should get tested to see if she was a match to Valen. Wouldn't you know, she was!

On August 13, 2002 Valen recieved my Mom's kidney, and now, almost six years later, she is still doing well, she is a healthy, beautiful young lady.

Here they are together.

I love Valen, and I still cannot believe the selfless love that my Mom shows to everyone she meets. I honestly believe that if she could, she would give away her other kidney, her liver, and whatever anyone else might ever need.

Not only that, but remember my sister Emily? Valens best friend? Well, as you know she recently married...Valens brother!

Like I said, I don't believe that anyone could have known what that junior high friendship would lead to. I also don't believe in coincidence, I really believe this was all orchestrated by God.

On a sidenote -- Brandon also has PKD, but it is not a severe as Valens was. Brandon recently learned his blood type, its the same as mine! I told him that if he ever needs a kidney he can have one of mine. He said "No thanks, it's probably the size of a peanut." RUDE! I'm still offended.


  1. What a great story! That is a beautiful photo of the two of them. Thanks for visiting my blog and your nice comment. -dlyn

  2. Thanks dlyn! They are two very special women!

  3. That is a great story!

    And how rude of your brother-in-law! :) hee hee.

    It's funny that you never know who will come into your life and stay!


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