Thursday, April 17, 2008

The "Waterslide"

The Thursday before my sisters wedding, all of the Bridesmaids plus my Mom and Oukie went out for dinner. While we were eating, talking, and laughing the subject of this blog came up, and Oukie made the comment that she likes reading it and remembering some of the things we got up to as children, and learning things that she didn't even know we had done.

This inevitably led to another story. After recounting to Oukie the day that Emily committed Grand Theft Auto* my sisters brought up another incident that I had almost forgotten.

*I have decided to call it that, because I like to pretend things are not my fault. Emily was an innocent victim in that story, but she did take the car.

So anyway, where was I?

Oh yeah, the Waterslide.

One night when my stepmom had to work late (she is a nurse), my dad and Emily decided to watch Gettysburg. Now, if you have seen this movie you know that it is truly a fantastic movie. However, if you are 10 years old or younger, this move is boring. BORING.

So, along with my three younger siblings, I went down to the basement to play. The basement was semi-finished. I think that with five children my dad and stepmom knew that no matter what they did down there, eventually it would be wrecked. So, instead of carpet the floor was sealed and painted.

I am not sure how it all started, I remember walking over and opening up the valve on the water heater, but I really don't remember why. But, within no time, I also opened up the valve on the water pipe from the well.

Boy that water comes out fast! And, did you know that when you flood a sealed basement with 3 inches of water it becomes slippery?

And that, if the floor is slippery, the next logical step is to strip down to your underwear and slide around on your belly?


Keep in mind, I was not down there alone, there were four of us involved in this! And a dog. Bagel. Oh dear Bagel. He was a beagle. We even had a song for him...we were singing it that night.

He's Bagel the Beagle dog (at this point Everett or Bethany would say woof woof)
He's Bagel the Beagle dog (woof woof)
He lives in the Basement,
He loves all the children
He's Bagel the Beagle dog (WOOF WOOF)

Bagel must have gotten tired of the makeshift slip'n'slide we had going on, and he took off up the stairs, but we were having too much fun to notice.

He jumped on Emily, who remarked that he was wet. If that had been the end of it, I am convinced we somehow could have gotten away with the waterslide. But then Bethy went upstairs as well. She was still really little, and wearing a diaper that had ballooned up to at least twice it's normal size.

Emily figured it out first, and Dad wasn't far behind. Before we knew it they were both standing at the top of the stairs as we looked up in fear.


I swear my dad's face was purple (okay not really, but he was MAD).

Our punishment was that we all had to take a bath, and go straight to bed.

Bathtime was not something any of us enjoyed, so this was actually a punishment, and we all huddled in the bathroom while my dad got the bathtub ready.

But lo and behold! We had drained the well!! Victory was ours!!! No bathtime!

We still had to go straight to bed, but in some small way I really did feel like a hero that day. I'm pretty sure that's not what my dad thought of me though.

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