Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Another Walk Down Memory Lane

But this time it is Matt's childhood we're walkin' through.

He took me on a drive through his hometown a couple of weekends ago. It was cute seeing where he played baseball, his high school, his old house, he even pointed out where his dog got hit by a car...not so cute. We ate at the little Italian place he used to go to, which was surprisingly delicious. Even he seemed impressed with the food, and he had obviously been there before.

Then we hit up the park where he and his brothers played. He tried to get me to traipse through the woods to his old friends Ryan's mom's house.

Not going to happen.

(And for the life of me, I cannot figure out the punctuation there..Ryans mom's? Ryans' moms'? Stupid apostrophes!)

How about that for an awkward introduction. Umm hi, my name is Bekah, I am engaged to a friend of your son's from years ago, and now I'm in your backyard.

We had another situation similar to that at his friends wedding. We were going through the receiving line, Matt suddenly skips over the bride to hug the groom, and I left face to face with a beautiful girl in a stunning dress that I have never seen before in my life...not only that but she had never met Matt either. Umm hi Cindy, you look pretty. I am Matt's fiance, I think he knows your husband from school.

Yeah...smooth. Once again me and my people skills.

So anyway.

At the park. We played. We like to play, and are both surprisingly okay with goofing off in public. So we did this

Which wasn't so embarrassing.

But that progressed to thisWhich I found hilarious. His little car kept flopping back onto the ground behind him. He had to work pretty hard to get it to bounce. No wonder little kids are so fit!

I had to try as well, but the frog I am riding didn't really bounce at all.

Matt tells me I look a little like Stevie Wonder in the picture.

And then...

..the highlight of our trip...

...and it took a whole lot of me convincing Matt no one would ever see this...

...uh, oops...

...my little wood sprite...

I love that he laughs with me.

Oh, and sorry honey! But really, you knew this would happen.

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