Thursday, May 1, 2008

Country Mouse does a wedding

I have no business planning a wedding. Seriously. What was I thinking?

I really have no intention of letting this blog turn into a wedding blog..mostly because I have come to the realization that every bride should come to. No one cares about your wedding as much as you do.

No, not even your groom. It's not that they don't care at all, it is just that they can see what you are having trouble seeing...the wedding doesn't change the marriage.

Sorry, no, it doesn't.

But I came to realize this. The wedding is in two months, so Invitations went out yesterday (well, most of them did, there are still several, and by several i mean a lot, without addresses. Because that is how organized I am.) And being young and poor, I decided to do them myself. I scored a great deal on the invitations, they totaled around $30 for about 200 of the little suckers.

And I wrote them myself, sans a template. How hard can it be right?

Harder than I thought, that's how hard! It wasn't until I had them all assembled and sealed that I realized I didn't put a space on the RSVP cards or a return address to identify who was RSVPing.

So now, every single invitation has my sloppy handwriting on the back that says "Oops! Please write your name on the RSVP card, thanks!"

That was sooo not what I had in mind. It just wasn't the elegant classy invitations I meant to make. But, it does have "bekah" written ALL over it.

That is something I would do, ask anybody. Ask Mosiacroro, ask Matt...I AM A MESS. I tried to tell you before. I am okay with that though. Usually. I get over it pretty quickly and move on to the next thing.

Which in this case is ceremony programs. Haha oh boy.

Wish me luck, or just send white-out!! No really, send white-out.


  1. That sounds like something I would totally do! (not the whole getting married thing, but the messing up on the invites thing)

    I think it just added character to the invites!!!

  2. haha maybe if that character is amelia bedelia..but thanks jen!

  3. Boo-Bear...I loved it.
    I can not think of you being organized, and if I started to, a new crisis would happen, and you would be giggling shrugging your shoulders, then , in unison, we both say to each other, "Oh, Well!"

    :D I ♥ you!

  4. called and said he thought it was cute...

    haha probably because its something he would have done.

    oh btw, he LOVED seeing you and your beautiful babies. He talks about you and them pretty much everytime i see him.


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