Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Fable Confusion

Last night I went to my nephews choral recital thinger. That is the technical term I believe. To be honest, I was almost dreading it. I love the kid to death, but it just didn't appeal to me.

But being that good aunt that I am(Matthew, stop laughing, I can hear you!), I went, and I took my camera.

As soon as I saw the program I knew this would be different than most children's concerts I have attended.

Bebop with Aesop?!

Branson turned out to be a member of the Greek choir, hence the "toga". Oh he is he one with the bright red hair. If I ever have children I think I will dye their hair this color, makes them so easy to spot!

They performed a few fables, here is one with a group of frogs! They didn't look before they leapt and they all fell in a well and died. Hey life is harsh, apparently the school felt there was so need to cushion it for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd graders.
Do you see the little guy in the background? The one with the antennas? The one with the arrow over his head? Subtle I know. He is an ant, and his performance really spoke to me. Well maybe not, but I thought he was darn cute anyway.

They also had some dance moves. Look at Branson gettin' his groove on!

Oh look! It's Aesop himself! This is the part where he is telling us that some of the fables have been modified. Good thing he warned us, because the next one involved a milkmaid that laid an egg. I'm still trying to work out the moral of that story.

Next year they are putting on part two!

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