Tuesday, May 6, 2008


My post yesterday about Matt made me remember some of the less appetizing meal I have eaten...and cooked but that is irrelevant.

My first thought was of when we were in Thailand, smack dab in the middle of city of Chiang Mai. We had just gotten off of an 18 hour flight, so we were pretty much exhausted. Ricky picked us up at the airport and assumed we must all be famished, so he took us to a street vendor who gave us a noodle dish. It was delicious. He then gave us each of glass of some funky soy milk that tasted suspiciously like grass. There was no way we could turn this down, so we all drank it and thanked him profusely...he thought we liked it so much he bought us more. Very generous.
That is me standing in the back of the picture, once again not paying attention. My dad made our entire group, chaperones included, wear that hideous green so "no one gets lost in the airport." Nevermind that we were all adults. It just does nothing for my skin.

I also ate a worm on that trip. Yeah, you read that right. A silkworm to be exact. We went to an night bazaar, and I have this idea that if I am in a culture, I should at least try what they do. And they, apparently, eat silkworms.

Not good my friends. Not good. Did you know, that when a worm is fried, all those little segments get flaky? Said flakes WILL get stuck in your teeth, and you WILL be tasting silkworm all night.

It was worth it though. How many people can say they have been to Thailand and eaten a worm? Three that I know of. Me, Joe, and Sarah.

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