Monday, May 5, 2008

Happy Cinco de Mayo

In honor of Cinco de Mayo, I am posting a picture of Matt eating in Peru.
Don't mind the look on his face, in a few seconds you will know why.

You might ask how posting a picture of Matt eating in Peru is honoring a Mexican holiday.'s not. But still, I had to show you this!

Because what he is eating, while not Cinco de Mayo related, is interesting none the less. That, my friends, is a guinea pig. With the foot attached.

I am convinced that he took this picture to horrify me. The foot is in his mouth, ugh.

*I have no idea why it is so bad on here, blogger does some weird things!*

You see I had a pet guinea pig. Her name was Squeaks. Creative I know. And when I heard that they eat guinea pigs in Peru, I automatically had the mental image of a herd of stampeding guinea pigs. Just picture it. Hundreds of Guinea Pigs running together, tossing their manes ( umm...make that tossing their fur), squeaking with freedom!

Just breaks my heart.

Oh, and Happy Cinco de Mayo!

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