Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Humiliation, circa 1986

I think my parents wanted a boy. Why else would I have been given this bowl cut? Or dressed in those blue overalls?

Or holding a baseball? It's hard to see, but trust me, it's there.

I mean, just look at my sister, beautiful long blonde hair, adorable pink outfit, angelic smile.

Then look at me, bowl cut, blue overalls, baseball, sideways smile, it's a shame really.

The only slightly redeeming quality is that my shirt does have a faint floral pattern, but seriously, if you saw this picture would you think it is a boy and a girl, or two little girls?

Be honest!

*Disclaimer - my parents gave me the bowl cut because I was a holy terror when it came to brushing my hair. Standing on the front porch screaming while my poor mother tried to brush my hair is actually one of my earliest memories. The overalls on the other hand, have no excuse.


  1. haha cute picture. I believe I had a bowl cut around that age also. I never understood why.

  2. Beka...you were so dern cute...no one even noticed that you WEREN'T a boy..har har har


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