Tuesday, May 20, 2008


My sister has lovingly dubbed my dear dog Jockstrap. And, to my horror, it has stuck. I have tried to change it back to the original name of Jaco, but even I slip and call him other names now.

Jockstrap, Jocolate, Jerko, Barack O'Jaco, you see how it builds?

Poor little fella is going to have a serious identity problem.
He is doing well other than that though...still loves to jump. I risked my face to get this picture, but it was worth it!
He isn't having much luck with the ladies, though. Here he is trying to give Noel a kiss. Noel does not seem to want a kiss, but he is persistent. Poor little guy. Someday Jaco. Someday.

Look at that smile! I challenge you to spend five minutes with my dog and not feel a little bit better about the state of the world.

Unless of course, he demolishes your favorite shoes in those five minutes. That is when the aforementioned "Jerko" name came into the picture.


  1. Wow! I came across your account by accident and was blown away by your dogs pictures. My kids were standing behind me asking why I had put pictures of our dog online. I am going to email you pictures of our dog.. not because I am deranged or anything of the such but because they could literally pass for twins and I am amazed. Look for an email from hugalotchildcare@yahoo.com. My dogs name btw is Jack.. which we often refer to as jacko, jackolantern, jack in the box, etc. Maybe is a pitfall of this name lol.

  2. haha wow! I will be on the lookout for your pictures!


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