Monday, June 9, 2008

A Big Happy Birthday to Mosaicroro!

Happy birthday to my dear cousin Rachael. She is my kindred spirit. There is a 10 year age gap between us, but seriously...she gets me. I don't know where that comes from, I mean our mothers are sisters and all, but still.

For instance..the other day she emailed me an idea for table numbers at the wedding...little did she know I had already decided on that same exact idea. Maybe you don't have goosebumps..but come on, that's weird.

Oh! And we share the black thumb. For some reason, we are unable to keep plants alive. Just doesn't happen. They realize they are in our care...and they give up. (I think she does have a thriving cactus though). When that little similarity came up, this was her reply:

"Scruff...only Jesus knows why we were passed over when He was blessing our dear close relatives w/ the green thumbs. He has a higher purpose for us I suppose. Maybe a humbling of ourselves to realize that keeping something alive is not our gift. ....yikes...If that is the case, I am lucky this kids have survived as long as they have..."

(Scruff is me...I'll explain some other day)
I love it. She gets my quirks, my sarcasm, my weird little tics. And if you didn't know I tend to be sarcastic and thought that I was being literal in this blog..I apologize for the confusion. I'm not THAT weird. You can read her blog, or you can check out her beautiful pictures. She is one of those rare people that everyone loves and that loves everyone. Really..she can't know her and not be interested in her life. She lives far away from me I love looking at her pictures and pretending I am there.

She has three beautiful children. And I know everyone says that about children...but seriously...these kids are too much.

*disclaimer...I totally stole this picture from her pictures...I didn't have a good one*
And to prove how wonderfully classy we are....I bring you this...

Shame? No, I have none.


  1. love love love love love!!!! you are the bestest ever!!! i was so going to post that picture , the one of you and i, on flickr today w/ the other birthday goodbye 32 theme but decided on the one that took us three tries to even get a so-so pic.ha!
    10 years??? is it really??? never ever seemed like that much. GORSH! that's alot! dang...
    anywho, thanks for this lovely birthday blog! i heart you soooo much! xoxo

  2. eh i think its like 9 years and some amount of months...

    guess what...YOU ARE GONNA BE HERE SOON!!!!


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