Friday, June 27, 2008

Croquet is STUPID!

Croquet is one of those games that I just don't get(much like bowling, but even bowling is better. And bocce. Bocce is weird, but I would still rather play that than croquet). I don't like it. The whole concept defies logic to me.

You set up tiny little metal gates(do those have a name?) and try to bump a ball through them with a large wooden mallet. Okay...sure, that makes sense...I guess.

But then what is with the rule that allows my brother-in-law to send my ball flying across the yard? And why do I have to come all the way back around the little metal thing if I pass it? Why can't I just send my ball through the other way?

It's not fair I tell you! Injustice! Injustice!

Still...I try. As you can see here...I am still at the beginning, because my first swing only made the ball move about a foot. You can also see that no other balls are anywhere near me. I am always WAY behind.I mean...look at that form! Which part of the swing is that? Doesn't look like a back swing, yet the ball isn't in sight, so it must be...right?
Here Matt is trying to give me so pointers. I don't want pointers. As you can see from my posture. I am such a mope.

Here is what you can't see.

Stop telling me what to do, I can do it on my own!!!!

Only, we both know that I can't, because apparently I was actually born without any kind of hand-eye coordination whatsoever.

I wonder if insurance covers that? It should, because this deficiency is seriously decreasing the quality of my life (haha oookay that's definitely not true).


  1. I love your pics and your editing of them. Hilarious. I don't get that game either. It's like golf to me. Hitting a small ball. Frustrating as hell. But hey at least you were with a solid coach.... LOL.

  2. Yep... I'm not croquet-enthusiast either. I agree with kitty, it fits into the 'golf' category thing.

    And Mr. C likes to offer me advice when we're playing pool. Like I'll be able to 'hit that ball at a 45 degree angle, which will hit this one at a 90, and ricochet off the side and slide into the opposite hole.' Uh. yeah.


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