Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Dinner in 1 Hour.

I just walked into the break room to feed my morning addiction -- err...get a cup of coffee, and I happened to notice a magazine sitting on the table.

"Dinner for 6 in 1 Hour!" It screamed.

One hour? One hour? Are you serious? I'm pretty sure I remember my mother bangin' out dinner for 7 in about 20 minutes on a regular basis. No really! I swear! The woman is just good like that!

I on the other hand...well, I think I'm going to go cut that article out.

I (and some friends) once made dinner for a couple of friends in the Dominican Republic. An older gentlemen felt the need to tell us that based on the quality of our cooking he thought we would probably never get married.

How charming.

HA! Proved him wrong!

1 comment:

  1. So glad that the kind of cook you are doesn't determine the future of your marital status. Yikes. I'd be in serious trouble then. 20 min? Hero.


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