Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Flight of the Coward

A few days ago I posted this picture of Noel and Jaco:

And some of you were scared. Don't be scared! I promise...Jaco taunts that dog like you would not believe. Despite the fact that he is half her size, he knows that he is much faster than her. This snarl was well-deserved.

He carefully lines up his trajectory.
He takes a leap....

And seriously...this happens a LOT. He clears her. Right over her back.

Did you watch Wishbone? That show with the story-telling Jack Russell? I think Jaco would make the same sound Wishbone did when he flipped over backwards. Waa-ta!

Then he takes off like a coward.
I love the look on Noel's face. "Stand and fight you little punk."

Sometimes he does not clear her, and that's when the fireworks start...like in the first picture. Or in this one:

Like I said...he had it coming!

1 comment:

  1. Ok how do you not pee your pants watching all that? Snarling.... barking.... biting...... jumping. Scary! But your right, she totally had it coming!


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