Monday, June 23, 2008

The Great Transplantation

The great transplantation? Transplantation? Really? I don't know.

Point is: Matt and I moved last weekend. It was...okay. I'm sure you all understand me when I say it was "okay". Moving is exciting until you actually start doing it, then it is excruciating.

Friday I had to work, so Matt, his brother Mike, and my brother Everett did a great job moving most of the stuff over. Read: Bekah didn't have to help actually move stuff!

Then, that evening my friend Skye came over to help, so we went bowling. Because when you have about 600 boxes to unpack the very best thing to do is leave.


Had we not been moving, I probably would have said that I didn't want to go. I am not a huge fan of bowling. It has lost something for me ever since 10th grade gym class when they would bus us over to the bowling alley to learn to bowl. By learn to bowl I mean they would sit us in a backroom smelling of stake smoke and we would watch instructional videos filmed in 1973. Why men ever though it was okay to show that much thigh in their gym shorts I will NEVER understand.

But the thought of 600 boxes motivated me to work past my deep-seated emotional issues involving bowling (what?) and give it another try.

And you know wasn't half bad. The company was good, I laughed until I cried, Skye almost got taken down the alley when she tried to use a 15 pounder. Why did she try that? 'Cause she is Skye, that's why! Mike and Matt got their "groove" going...sometime I have to figure out how I can expose you to their's beyond funny. Thing is, they are pretty good dancers, I think it's just the concept of them dancing that makes me hoot with laughter.

Oh, and apparently those bowling videos from 1973 paid off, because by some bizarre twist of fate, I won.

And anything I can win I will continue to do.

Now, about those boxes...


  1. I LOVE bolwing. We have an old-fashioned mom and pop joint near me and we have organized a few adult parties there - always a blast!

  2. I HATE moving. Hate it. I've done it enough to realize that I always have about 3 times as much shit as I thought I did... and that it's going to take longer than I wanted to to move it. Argh. Okay, enough rant.

    I haven't been bowling in a long, long time. Do they still have bumpers? B/c I would probably need them.

  3. they DO have bumpers...

    i asked if we could use them, the boys looked at me like I had just suggested they wear dresses.

    so we didnt use them...but they are there!

  4. bowling beats moving ANY day. even if you have to watch 1973 hairy man thigh movies over and over again.

    glad you had a great night. And you won! even better!


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