Thursday, June 5, 2008

Little Blood-suckers.

When I was around 17, give or take a few years, my sister Ashley and I took a little walk around the farm. Right behind the farm there is an area known as Sleepy Hollow (for real, no joke!), we headed off through sleepy hollow, then followed the road around to the front of the farm. It's maybe a 45 minute walk,so we ambled along, chatting and picking wildflowers.

Sounds idyllic no? It was. Until I looked down and realized we must have splashed through mud at some point.

"Hey Smash, what's all over your pants?" I asked her.

She didn't know, but she pointed out the it was all over mine as well. Then we realized the mud was moving. I kid you not. Moving slowly up our legs.

We looked closer. And screamed. Loudly.

Ticks. Hundreds and hundreds of TICKS moving up our body. Thick enough to look like mud.

APPARENTLY, and why no one ever told me this I do not know, ticks will sometimes congregate on pavement when it is hot out.

We took off running down the road that leads to the lane, we were still probably about 10 minutes from the farm.

As we ran we stripped off our clothes. Trust me..if you saw that many ticks on your pants you would have done the same thing. Modesty was so far out the door at that point.

Our family, who happened to be outside having a nice little picnic must have heard us coming. By the time we got to them we were wearing only our underwear and still shrieking. No one knew what had happened and we were too hysterical to explain.

You will have to take my word for it that I am really not a girly-girl. Bugs usually don't phase me, but this was too much for me. I was shaking and slapping my arms and legs trying to get them off.

My Nanna said she half expected the police to come down the lane. Eventually we calmed down, and got dressed again.

But seriously...that memory still makes me feel a little they are crawling up my body again.


*I googled a picture of ticks to put in here...but I couldn't bring myself to do it. You all know what they look like...I just...I can't do it.


  1. hahahahahahahahah

    this sounds familiar? did someone jog your memory for this one???

    ahhh, good times, good times!

  2. uh ya...most definately.

    i almost called it "i have a worm in my pocket, dont tell my mommy" but i think ill save that one for when i post about you.


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