Thursday, June 26, 2008


I think I would like to tell you a little more about my significant other (by the way how weird is that term? are there insignificant others?).

Matt and I have known each other for over 4 years now, but have only been together for 1 year. He makes me laugh almost every day, but instead of telling you all the mushy details of our relationship, I think I'll just tell you some of the not so mushy things that I love about him.

We can start with this:

He is goofy...and he is(most likely) going to kill me for posting that picture.
I told them to smile...they did that, I can't explain it and I don't try -- I just keep laughing.

He plays the guitar...I didn't know that I liked that until the first time he played for me and I almost melted.

And he looks cute in hats. That's very important to a relationship you know.

He is WAY taller than me, so I feel like a munchkin next to him...I am a big fan of feeling little. Look I am even on my tip-toes here.
That's another thing I love..I have to stand on my tip-toes to kiss's a good calf workout. Apparently I need more workouts (see post below).

He has seen so much and done so much. This is him in Ireland, he went backpacking there BY HIMSELF while he was at school in Madrid(yeah, school in Madrid -- umm...I went to school in New Jersey...why do I feel like that isn't quite the same?).

Speaking of doing so much and seeing so much, last summer he went to Peru to teach English (again..I melt). Did I mention he is a teacher? I don't know if I did or not...well, he is a teacher. Now you know. While there he ate some weird stuff as I have previously mentioned here. Here he is with his class, because a normal picture would have been too much to ask for.

He is good with kids. Seriously, how cute is this picture? That is Juliette, my cousin Roro's youngest daughter. She loved him, it was adorable. Later we went out to eat, Juliette was happily sitting in Matt's lap, she was so relaxed she pooped...all over his leg. I found this to be hilarious. He didn't really like it. I have no idea why.

He is one of the boys. I love seeing the Matt, Ev, and Brandon together. They are usually making fun of me, but that's okay. I think this is where Brandon and Matt are saying something scandalous to my little brother. Look how red Everett is turning. That cant be good.

Girls stare at Matt like you would not believe. I am not the jealous type, I'm very secure in our relationship. But, for instance, this picture...Matt is talking to Trinity, my uncles girlfriend. But whoa cowgirl. Back off, I'm right here! (why do I feel compelled to take pictures of things like this?)

It happened again last weekend at the grocery store. A young lady was unabashedly staring. So I licked him. I had to! I was staking my claim!

Have you seen that Volkswagen commercial where the man licks the car to claim it as his? Well...I claim Matt as mine. Look here is another time where women were flirting with him. It was too funny to not stand back and document. Two inebriated cougars wearing feather boas making awkward conversation with my fiance while our goofy puppy tries to lick his face.
Perfect.In 9 days...he is officially MINE.


  1. Ok seriously how much do I love this post? A ton! You guys far outrank me and my hubs (why do I call him that?---IRL he has a name and that's what I call him, just so you know) in the cuteness factor by a long shot. You two are adorable!

    I fell for my guy playing a guitar. Didn't know I was into that until he did that. m-e-l-t. Well that and his ability to be a total goof all the time. We fit well.

    Having the attraction factor to capture adorable pooping babies, freakish looking cowgirls, and hilariously dressed cougars? That is the whole package right there. Keep him. :)

  2. haha i like the way you think!

  3. I LOVE the goofy stuff! It's my favorite thing to hear about couples! I can relate to that stuff better than the mush. And you guys are so sickeningly cute together. Love it. :-)

    My contributions? Looking cute in hats is WICKED important in a relationship. Oh, and the licking thing? I gotta try that. I had an occasion recently (Which of course I blogged about) where some waitress was hitting on my man (oh yeah, picture the head roll here) and I should have licked him then to show her to back off!.

  4. Ah, so cute! And only 9 days?!?! Cant wait to see pics from the wedding. :)

  5. Very cute post. And the whole baby-pooping-on-his-leg thing? Totally happened to Mr. C... and he was so embarrassed. He's never been around kids, so I explained to him that it's NOT a big deal. It's just kid poo... but he didn't buy it. Still funny!

  6. haha yeah our explanation -- oh its no big deal, she is breastfed so its very pure.

    I think that grossed him out even more.


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