Wednesday, June 11, 2008

My Brush With Celebrity

I was reading this blog today...and it made me think of some of the concerts that I have attended. Which I realized is a LOT. I enjoy live music...I like the rush of the crowd, there is something about being held spellbound along with thousands of other people but just a few artist on a stage.

Once at a Coldplay concert I looked over at my friend Jeff to see tears streaming down his face. After I stopped laughing I thought about how music can do that. How it can reach right down into our hearts. It's pretty incredible really. Then the guy next to me passed out and spilled beer on me...that part of concerts I could probably live without.

During my freshman year of college, Maroon 5 came to play at my school. I went along with two good friends, Jess and Skye. We wormed our way right up to the stage. The concert was fun, of course, but at one point Adam(the one that sings..I totally had to look up names), came right up to the edge of the stage, looked me in the eye, and continued to sing. I kid you not. He really did.

That one...right there in the front. I laughed SO hard. SO SO SO hard. It seemed so..staged? Is that even the word? Jess elbowed me frantically in the ribs -- I think she was embarrassed by my lack of star-struckedness. Yes that is a word. Okay okay its not...I made that word up..but the story is true.

AND it gets better!

Adam(singer dude) eventually got tired of my laughter and went to find a more suitable person to sing for, understandable. We had a lot of fun, and the concert as a whole was a blast. Did you know girls actually DO throw underwear up onto the stage? They do.

After the concert Jess had to take off...I think she was still embarrassed by my laughter actually. Skye and I desperately needed to find a bathroom. We knew the building pretty well, we were students there after all, so we just headed down the stairs to find a restroom. We got a tad turned around down there and were having trouble.

We found a door that led into a locker room, and everyone knows there are toilets in locker room. What we did not know is that that particular locker room had been turned into Maroon 5's dressing room.


Haha...AWKWARD! We said hi, good show, then asked where the bathroom was. They in turn asked where their bus was.

We pointed the way out to the parking lot...I have no idea if that is where their bus was or not..but it seemed like a logical bet.

We then continued our hunt for the restroom, but security found us. Luckily I had history class with the security it was fine, he just showed us where the bathroom was.

And that, children, is how I met Maroon 5.


  1. My friend and I have been hitting up country concerts like we're teenagers again. (Maybe b/c she gets us box seats from her work? Maybe?)

    But after I saw Reba in concert, I was totally stricken with her and watched her show Reba for weeks after that.

    And I had always said the show was dumb before!

  2. haha i can handle her singing voice..but when she talks its like nails on a chalkboard to me.

  3. um, why do i not know these things??? i feel like we are growing apart...i just, i just don't know who you are anymore!!!


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