Thursday, June 12, 2008

Product Review - Bamboo Furbuster

**This is not a paid advertisement...but if anyone out there wants to pay me I am all for that, just want to throw that out there**

I never had any intention of reviewing products on this blog, but I really was impressed by this one.

Do you know what this is? It is an "fur-buster" made by Bamboo. The last time we were up at Matt's parents his mom had one, and while it didn't make an amazing difference on Jaco(he has pretty short hair, but it did make a difference), I really wanted to try it on a dog with a thicker coat. I searched high and low for a willing participant.

Enter Noel. Noel is the dog that my parents had had since my freshman year of high school. She is a mellow chow/German Shepherd mix. Chow chows have an insane orange coat, Shepherds also have pretty thick coats. Mix those and you get a large, fluffy, orange dog with a splotchy purple tongue.
So this is my very first pass over her back. Do you see that black looking fur?? That is her undercoat coming out...
Someone please tell me what is wrong with my hand. Oh. my. Lord. That is one scary extremity.
After that picture I had to put down the camera, because this job required both hands.
15 minutes later this was the scene on the patio. Just a suggestion, definitely do this outside, and have a garbage can nearby. The undercoat is really fluffy, and was blowing around in the grass for the next two days. This is what I could catch and pick up.
I think that with regular use using this tool will make an even bigger difference on her coat. The only thing about the tool that could be considered a con is that after about 15 minutes she yelped a little so I stopped...I think she was getting a little tender. Whether that is actually the fault of the tool or the user who is to say. I forgot to take a good after picture, so here is this one...

Um...aside from being scary as all get-out, she really does look thinner. Jaco likes to pick fights with her. I don't know why, because I'm pretty sure that if I ever saw this a foot away from my face, I would never ever ever mess with that dog again.

Hey, I never said my dog was smart. Cute, yes. Playful, sure. Goofy, absolutely. Smart, no not really.


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    I would so try that product...but I have two non-shedding dogs. And for the love of Pete I adore the fact they don't shed. It looks like it really works though!

  2. I love chows! Good family dogs. Not so good with strangers.... yikes! I always wondered about that tool. Although I might be seeing that last picture in my nightmares.....

  3. holy crap...i am scared of Noel now after that last shot of her, but i must say she does look fierce! har har

  4. haha in her defense jaco really does taunt her..i have pictures to prove it..ill post them soon


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