Wednesday, June 18, 2008

A Public Service Announcement

Yesterday I wrote an article for Divine Caroline, a website where women can write about whatever topic they gosh-darn want to write about. Today it was one of their top stories for relationships, which excited me to no end. Even though I'm pretty sure anyone can publish there, and they publish a lot, I am still very, very excited.

You can read it here although I will warn you it is not the usual writing you read on this blog. It's still real, and it's still heartfelt, but it is also relatively negative. I felt like I needed to express some thoughts that had been building in my mind about this whole wedding thing.

*Please note I said WEDDING, not MARRIAGE. The two are not synonymous in my mind.*

Then I saw my article on Yahoo buzz! Right above the article about Britney Spears...

What does that mean? Am I crazy? Have I been lumped into the same category as Brit? Oh my Lord. But I don't want to shave my head! I don't look good with short hair! No really. I don't!

Please understand that I have a lotta female emotions running through my head, and don't take anything I write too seriously! I certainly don't.

We will now return to the normally scheduled nonsense I write on this site. Please see below for my piracy dreams.


  1. You did great! And I am sure you feel good getting all that out. :)

  2. You are not alone!
    I got married almost 4 years ago and I thought that I wanted the big wedding and all that jazz. My husband had been married previously would have been just as happy going to the courthouse, but he went through all that crap for me (that's real love!).
    I wasn't crazy about the whole idea but I thought I would have regrets if I didn't have the traditional wedding. I felt that I would be leaving my parents down, especially since I'm their only child.
    If I had to do it over again - maybe a picnic once we came home from the courthouse.

  3. it does feel good to get it out, but it feels really good to know that Im not abnormal!

    since i wrote that i have had so many women say they felt the same, or they feel the same now. I appreciate all the honesty I have been getting, it means a lot to know im not alone in those thoughts!

  4. holy moly. I could totally have understood what you meant nearly a year ago. Next week is our 1 year anniversary. The wedding really is about everybody else. Crazy but true. I mean why else would you pay all that money? Food? Everybody else eats it but you. But if you truly concentrate on making that moment yours and his only, it will make the rest of the day seem fantastic.

    good to get it all out though. And it really IS only just one day. You have all the rest of the days to just be married (the best part I think!)


  5. GREAT article! I just got married May 17 and man, oh man, we were boht at the point of "Let's just get this thing over with". Like you, I was super psyched to BE married to this man, not so psyched about the actual wedding part. It was pure stress planning it (and fretting over money) and then the damn thing was over in the blink of an eye! Despite all that, I did enjoy myself. :-) I hope you enjoy YOURSELF at your wedding!


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