Thursday, June 19, 2008


Have you seen the new one? I just watched it on Father's Day, because that's the kind of together time my dad and I usually have. I had seen the other Rambo movies, and although I can appreciate a good action flick, Rambo never held my attention the way a movie like Predator could. Maybe it's because I love Rocky, and every time Sly opens his mouth I am waiting for him to say "Yo Adrienne." I find it hard to focus on much else when I watch him.
But anyway...I watched Rambo. And you know what....I loved it! I the plot isn't intricate, and yes, it's pretty darn gory. But it was so real to me. Maybe loved it isn't the way to describe it, maybe it would better for me to say I appreciated it and respect what they were trying to do. Going into it I had no idea what it was about.

Turns out it is about the genocide and slaughter of the Karen tribe in Burma/Myanmar. If you have been keeping up with this blog, or reading for a while, you might remember when I told you about this trip I took a few years ago to Thailand.

What I neglected to tell you about that trip is that for three days we went up into the mountains that border Burma. And we stayed in the homes of the Karen tribe. They opened up their homes to us and shared what they had with us.

And the children...oh, the children. Everywhere we went we had a following of about 20 or so boys and girls, each one clamoring to hold our hands. They loved to walk around wearing our shoes, and to take pictures with us. I'm hesitant to post those pictures because I worry about any effect that might have on the village where I was staying. I'm probably being a little over cautious with that, but here I am wrapped in my cocoon of safety while they are about 30 minutes away from a military regime that may just decide to exterminate them at will. I would rather they have no association with an out-spoken American than suffer for anything I might say. You can read more about the situation in Burma here.

At the time I knew that the Karen tribe was pretty much as low as you can go on the social status totem pole. I did not know that they were being actively wiped out in Burma. I vaguely remember men with machine guns strapped to their backs, but I never truly felt threatened. I have been in other situations in other countries, but with the Karen I never felt that hostility. I know now they were carrying them for protection, and that breaks my heart. A village of 100 houses has to arm themselves to try to protect their families from a regime that cares only about its power and control of the Opium produced. The monsters hide behind their weapons and their military while annihilating the people of their own country. The people of Burma are treated like animals, they are played with and killed. The situation in Burma is worse than that of Darfur, and yet we sit back and do nothing.

Please see Rambo. I will warn you that it is violent, but that is toned down from what is actually happening. Please make yourself aware of the violence that is being perpetrated on others throughout the world, we can't work for change until we are aware of reality.


  1. Wow. Your inspirational. Truly.

  2. thanks, I have just been really blessed with a lot of opportunities to see people and see other sides to life, I think that anybody would be amazed/horrified at the stuff going on worldwide if they knew about it, but unfortunately its really easy to live and never hear about it.


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