Friday, June 13, 2008

Random Thoughts by Bekah

11 people die every year in vending machine mishaps....this boggles my mind. How does this happen? I mean...I guess people are shaking them to get a drink out, but come on.

The average person eats 4 spiders a year while they are asleep. This alone is enough to fuel my insomnia for nights on end. Ew. AND...yesterday I woke up with a bite on my elbow...I'm scared y'all. Real scared. I don't wanna eat a spider!

Malaria kills more that a million people every YEAR. 90% of those are African kids. One every 30 seconds. A mosquito net costs $10 US. While that may not be doable for people in is doable for me. I'm linking a site on my have the chance to save the life of a child...will you take it?

At the risk of getting up on a soapbox...America -- we can do more. There are things that we cannot and will not change. There will never be world peace, or equality...we may never eradicate AIDs, but there is no reason that we can't prevent babies from dying of a disease that only costs $10 to prevent. No reason folks.

And now I'm going to step off that soapbox...I'm not sure how I got up there or where that came from, but since I write this blog I can say whatever I want! So there!


  1. My FI has a vending machine business! I hope no one dies from his machine! LOL

  2. hahaha oh dear. me too, me too.

  3. Vending machine deaths? Wowzers. Nothing is safe. I've heard about eating spiders, and it freaks me out! And I agree. $10 for us is nothing. To them its life and death. Good for you.

  4. One Net purchased today - thanks for the encouragement!

  5. i dont know who you are...but AWESOME! good for you...and them!!

    thanks for helping the recipient of that net, you may have just saved their life.


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