Friday, June 20, 2008

Stud-muffin age 7

Branson has reached the ripe old age of 7. On his birthday he gave me a big hug and I did what every adult does when a child has a birthday..."So, do you feel older?"

I remember being asked that and thinking it was the DUMBEST question ever when I was younger. I remember awkwardly laughing and saying "no, not really" while rolling my eyes. 'Cause I was WAY too cool for that question.

And there I was asking it. What transition occurred in my life that made me think this question now makes sense? At what point did I stop being way too cool for the stupid adult questions and become the stupid adult?

I am ashamed.

He did tell me, however, that when he woke up he felt achy. Well, what do you know?? He does feel older! I am pretty sure age is merely a progression of aches and pains. Ahem, but not I refuse to get them. I CHOOSE not to wrinkle.

That is optional right? I'm pretty sure I read that somewhere.


After turning 7 he began to speak a new language. What language that might be I have no idea, but it is most definitely not English.

I saw him last Sunday, he ran over, hugged me, smiled and said "lukit wati madiclas!"

Blink, blink.

He wiggled his drawing in my face...Emily translated that he was telling me to look at what he made in Sunday School.

They aren't sure if it is because of the summer, or because he is now senile at the age of 7, but seriously, you gotta work pretty hard to understand him now.

And I'm really just not up for that kind of effort. I can't figure it out. I have tried and tried all day long. Eventually I just pushed him in the pool. I saw no other option.

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  1. Stop trying to understand now. He is a boy and you won't be able to understand his speech or actions til the about the age of 35.

    And getting wrinkles IS an option! LOL.


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