Friday, June 6, 2008

Today... dear little baby brother is graduating.
Sniff. Sigh. He is way to young for this. Seems like just yesterday he was laying on the floor watching cartoons. Oh wait, no, that was yesterday, but point is...he is way to young....
Way, way, way, way to young to be a "grown-up."
I'm going to want you to forget you ever saw this picture. Oh! and according to Brandon(on the left), that is his "sexy face," oh dear.

I don't know if I will allow this. He is too sweet to grow up. Just last week, my dog caught a bird and Everett, being the kind-hearted individual he is, tried to save the life of the bird. Of course it didn't work because my dog has remarkably large teeth, but still...its the thought that counts right?

Such a cute little fellow, but I promise to never let him forget his roots. Like riding our sawhorse, Biscuit. And, I have another story about an unfortunate incident with a bird egg. I'll share it with you next week. I promise.

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