Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Weddings on the Brain

As we get closer to "the big day" I am thinking more and more about weddings...obviously. I am remembering weddings I have been to, and thinking about how different they can be.

There was my sisters wedding last April. Classy, elegant, sentimental, well-coordinated.

Then there was my friend Brianna's wedding, the likes of which I have never seen. Here is a picture.

Gosh Blogspot! Stop messing with my pictures!

It was simple, it was fun, we all wore jeans. Um...and the officiant wore that vest. She told me later that it was a point of contention for them, but since it is the groom's dad, there really wasn't much she could do.

Then there is my friend Justin's wedding, that unfortunately I had to miss. Little stinker moved to Georgia and up and got married. inconsiderate of him to fall in love in a different state (I am joking here).

From the looks of things they had a rip-roarin' good time. He told me that the reason he wanted red and yellow was because, and I quote, "That's Hulk Hogans colors." Men...they just see weddings differently than women do.

There was also my cousin Joanna's wedding, which was all about family and community. They wrote their own vows, and pretty much performed their own ceremony (they were officially married a week earlier at the courthouse).

Oh, P.S. that is pretty much my entire family on my mothers side. know, first cousins and all that confusion.

All the different variations on weddings, all the different interpretations of what is important, it's really interesting when you sit back and look at it.

And then there are the traditions...whoa. Old, new, borrowed, blue, garter toss, bouquet toss, ivy bouquets, jumping the broom, crushing a glass, signing the ketubah, handfastings, wearing white, wearing green, wearing a veil, oh my heavens it's enough to drive a girl crazy!

So what I am trying to say here my friends, is that I'm still really excited! Does that just make me a glutton for punishment?

Secretly...I'm mostly just excited for when it is over, and we can look back on the wedding and think it was a great start. Is that silly? Being excited for memories?

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