Tuesday, June 10, 2008

What are the odds...

..that my brother-in-law will ever turn his back on me again?? ***that is a BB gun...NOT a real gun. I would never aim a real gun at him on purpose. Mostly because no one would ever trust me with a real gun to turn their back on me for a second. Oh! And I totally didn't shoot him.

My brother shot me right after that picture was taken...but that was as punishment for the outfit I was wearing. Good Lord Almighty what was I thinking? It's like hobbits gone bad. AND it looks like I have a gut...which to date I do not. I don't think my body is anything rockin' or anything...but I know I don't have a weight problem.
Of course you could never tell because my hips look incredibly LARGE in this picture. It's true...you can't deny it. I used to love that skirt too...now I see it is out to get me.

Matt calls that last one my redneck sister-in-law picture. The open-mouthed laughter has something to do with it I am sure.

Forgive me, for I have sinned against the laws of fashion.
It's not the first time...and it's probably not going to be the last...


  1. I think you look adorable - with a smile like that you can pull anything off!

  2. i love how it's ok that you're pointing a bb gun. remember the bus? that was just a bb gun...

  3. well...

    1. I didnt pull the trigger

    2. I didnt shoot the window out of a school bus.

    3. I didnt get caught


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