Monday, June 16, 2008

What's in a Name?

A lot actually. And I happen to like mine. I do. REBEKAH. It's different but not weird. I mean...I'm not obsessed with it or anything...I don't excessively doodle my name on every piece of paper I come across.

So WHY is it that someone I have been communicating via e-mail with for OVER 6 months still writes "Hello Rebecca" as the subject of all of her e-mails. I make a point of typing out my full name at the bottom of all of my e-mails to her, hoping against hope that someday, someone will notice that my name is R-E-B-E-K-A-H.

I have nothing against the C-C-A spelling...but come on!

I went through an entire week of summer camp being called Rachael because the doofus counselors COULD NOT figure out what my name was. Is it really that hard?

Spell check always picks up on my name and tries to tell me it is spelled wrong. I add my spelling to the dictionary of any public computer I happen to use.

The last straw though, and the reason I felt the need to post this, came today when logging on to my work computer. Apparently our computers were updated over the weekend.

It greeted me this morning with.."Good Morning Rebecca!" My cry of dismay could be heard throughout my floor. Oh...and I can't change that. No, only an administrator can change that. Excuse me while I go pout.




  1. Oh I could not understand with you more! This is my life!!! sssshhhh I'm about to tell you my name (yikes). Kandi. Not Candace mind you, which everybody seems to think I am. Nobody ever spells it right. But I'm in good company. My mom's name is an unusual spelling and her MIL has yet to spell her name correctly. My mom's been married nearly 30 years.

  2. oooo yeah I see where you have some trouble...but really...people should get it by like the second time, three tries at the most. its like name baseball. three strikes and you're out!

  3. Oh...that would bother me too. I'm a stickler for correct name usage. You have a beautiful spelling to your name..and one that most people aren't familiar with. I have a friend who's name has two Ns and most people only spell the name with one. She gets so peeved about it. Hardly anyone pronounces my last name correctly if it's any consolation. ;-)

  4. That would really irritate me - I used to be a reporter/ copy editoe - you DO NOT misspell someone's name!

  5. I understand your pain!! I am ADRIENNE....people always spell it wrong...and I get called Andrea, A LOT! GRRRRRR


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