Thursday, July 31, 2008

Sleep Talking

Matt talks in his sleep. A LOT. I love to start conversations when he is asleep. It never fails to amuse me before I go to bed. The first time it happened was when we were still dating. We were watching Robin Hood(the Disney version no less!) on the couch and before I knew it he had drifted off to sleep. Robin Hood and Maid Marian were finally getting together...

...he was about to slip the flower ring onto her finger (which is a SCARY finger by the way) and the next I knew I was hearing...

I really like the black and tan in their art.

Um what hun?

The Mayans, they had great art.


Two nights ago I stayed up to read and he went to sleep. I crawled into bed later and heard

You I made not comfty.

Huh? (I have never heard him talk like that, ever.)

Not comfty I made.

Who's not comfortable hun?


Oh I'm not?


I see.
Yup. Love you. Night-night.
Since when has this man said night-night? It was oddly adorable.

ALSO, he calls me names in his sleep. He swears he is actually not talking to me (and I believe him) but it is still hilarious. The first time it happened he sat up in bed and loudly said "b*itch"


Then he just rolled over and went back to sleep.

He has also said "retard!" and "stu..." which I think was the beginning of "stupid" but he has no recollection. Matt never even jokingly calls me names(other than "dork" but that is more of a truth than a name), so I think its hilarious when he does it in his sleep..although what does that say about how he thinks of me in his subconscious. Hmm...that's something I will have to ponder for a little while.
Why do I love harassing this poor man while he sleeps? But I mean, technically he does start the conversations.

Photo of the Day

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The News 'Round These Parts

This isn't breaking news, but it was supposed to be hush hush for a little while, so I think I only mentioned it once...on her comment section. Then I remembered that I was supposed to be keeping it a secret. Gosh I'm good with secrets.

So anyway, what was I saying? Oh yeah! Big news!

This guy...
(A.k.a. Brandon, my brother-in-law)

...and this girl...
(A.k.a. my sister Emily)

...are pregnant! We technically SHE is pregnant...not him, but you get my drift no?

Because I am impatient and don't want to wait to see what this baby will look like, I ran their pictures through Morphthing.

And I think I did something wrong?
Unless of course, they have conceived a mutant pig. (How about we don't tell Emily this OK? I think the idea of THAT in her body might freak her out a little bit)

I tried again...but trust didn't get any better. So I tried Matt and know...JUST TO SEE...
And now I'm off to get my tubes tied!

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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Urgent Update From the Front

The tide has turned in the Lava Lamp Wars.

(If you haven't heard about the recent Lava Lamp Wars, read this, then read this)

You aren't going to believe what I am about to show you. But I wouldn't make this stuff up. I swear!

If I didn't know better I would think I had married Don Corleone.











This is what I came home to last night.
I stood there while Matt pretended not to see the shock on my face. He smiled sweetly at me. Hey love, how was work?

I told you this would happen! I told you it was scary that the lava lamp had changed hands! I don't even know what to do! I hid it again, it's my only defense!

I need tactical advice stat!'s doctors that say stat isn't it? What do soldiers say? Pronto? No.

Whatever..I need it now! Help!

Photo of the Day

Monday, July 28, 2008

10 Things

10 things you probably didn't know about me:
1. I work for a stenographic/court reporting firm right now, but am actually still in school. I'm close to finishing my degree in Behavioral Science, and am hoping to work as a therapist. That scares me and excites me at the same time.

2. When I get stressed out I go to sleep, for a LONG time. Once at Rutgers I slept for the entire weekend before finals. Probably not the wisest approach to test-taking!

3. I love Starburst jellybeans, if I'm not careful I will eat an entire bag in one sitting...and often do.

4. My parents thought I was deaf when I was around two years old. They would call my name and I wouldn't look, or even seem to hear them. They took me to the doctor for hearing tests, but it turned out that I was just ignoring them.

5. I have moved 9 times that I can think of...possibly more.

6.I love to paint, as in paint walls. I find it relaxing. Edging is my favorite, I've been told that's weird.

7. I am a nervous cook. I like to cook dinner, I think it's a lot of fun, but I get very nervous when it actually comes time to have someone else (Matt) eat the food. He tells me it is good and usually gets more, but then I think of that Brad Paisley song where he says they were "eating burnt suppers the whole first year, and asking for seconds to keep her from tearing up" and I worry that this is the case.

8. I was diagnosed as anorexic when I was 19, that's a hard thing to admit, but I see so many young girls refuse to admit that they have a problem that I feel like I have to talk about it so that they know there is hope and they can get better. I don't know if I will write about that in detail here, because I like to keep things a little lighter here on Countrymouse.

9. One of my goals in life is to fill a passport with stamps, but now that I have changed my name I have to start over.

10. Wow. 10 was a lot. Umm.....I make my bed (almost) every morning. Sorry that last one is lame. I know it.

Your turn! Tell me something I probably don't know about you, either in the comments or on your blog, but let me know so I can go see what you write!

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Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Lava Lamp Wars: An Update

I can't find it. It's gone. I hid it in the laundry room and now it is GONE!

If you aren't sure what I am talking about, read this.

Sigh. Why does that bother me? I feel like I need to know where it went, or it might show up where I least expect it, and what a nasty shock that would be!

Help me! Where would a man hide a lava lamp?

I'm not even going to get into WHY a man would hide his own lava lamp.

Photo of the Day

Friday, July 25, 2008

Isn't it funny... things that used to be so important are now silly?

I saw part of a Miami Ink episode last night (I am fascinated by them...more on that later) and a girl got a few lotus flowers on her hip to signify a new beginning. She had just gone through a "bad break-up". I wanted to say "hey, wait six months, then decide if you still want it" simply because what seems so horrific to her now will probably become just a distant memory pretty quickly.

On Tuesday I met up with my younger sister, Ashley, for lunch. The subject turned to relationships, both past and present, and we both remarked how it's odd that it becomes so distant so quickly.

For example, the relationship I had before Matt and I started dating. I was a wreck when it ended. Seriously, a bonafide WRECK. It was not good. And now...I'm not quite sure why. He wasn't that great of a guy. I'm not going to bash him, because he wasn't a bad guy either, but he was nowhere near worth the anguish I put myself through. I had wanted to end the relationship for months, then when we finally did I was inexplicably heartbroken. Why does that happen? I think part of it for me is that I think of what could have been, or what I wanted it to be, but I wasn't looking at what it really was. What it was was all about one person, not two people in a relationship. I can see that now, so why couldn't I see that then? Why did I refuse to see it then?

And why is it, that now, looking back, I feel no pain? I thought for sure I would never be happy. Oh the histrionics. Now I can't believe I thought I could have ever been happy in that. I almost feel like it's a story someone else once told me, it's that distant.

What do you think it is that makes us forget? Or rather, makes us remember? Is it the time? Is it new experiences? Is it an excess of chocolate?

Photo of the Day

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Photo of the Day

Hey I think I want to start adding one my photos every day...or if not every day...some days. I enjoy taking pictures, but rarely edit or post them, so in an effort to discipline myself a little more I'll add them here. Okay with you? Okay good! We'll start with one that's sure to be a crowd pleaser.
I don't think I'll add a description on most days though. 'Cause I'm way too lazy for that crap.

Nobody "nose" the trouble I've seen...

Today as I was reading an article online, I saw a quote from an interviewee and thought "Wow, I bet you were dropped as a child," which reminded me of a little story.
About a year ago, more or less, I was hanging out with my family and someone said something...well...stupid, and I made a comment about them maybe being dropped as an infant.

My mom looked me straight in the eye and said "No Bekah, that was you."

"Excuuuuuuse me??"

"Yeah Honey, on the way up from Florida to visit when you were six months old."

"What!? You dropped me?" I shrieked.

"Well, no, you more or less rolled off the side of the bed and landed on your face...twice."

I stared, as the rest of my siblings fell into gales of laughter. I don't think I have ever seen my brother-in-law laugh that hard. Matt was hyperventilating by the time it was over.

"Did I break my nose? 'Cause if I did that would explain why there is a bump in my nose."

Adding insult to injury she informed that I did not break my nose, that's just how my nose looks.

Great, now I'm brain-damaged AND I have a a stupid nose.

Apparently baby-dropping is a relatively common occurance, who knew?! Was anyone else out there dropped as a child? Am I alone here? Do you think I can blame my nose on that incident anyway?

Does that schnoz look broken to you?

*Seriously I almost didn't post that picture..I hate that picture. the interest of honest journalism(what?) I had to post it*

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

More on that Wedding Thingamajig

So I promised I would write some more details about that little party Matt and I threw on July 5th. I think I'll do that now, if that's okay with you.

First of all, the weather around here was 70% chance of thunderstorms for our wedding day. Not good. That was pretty much my main concern, but I had told Matt that unless it was pouring, I didn't care, we would just get married in the rain, get pneumonia, and die together....'cause that's romantic right? (I kid, we had an alternate plan in case it rained)

Turned out to be a gorgeous, sunny day. The wedding wasn't until 6:30 in the evening, I was worried that any earlier would be too hot in July. So here are some fun details....

My little brother walked me down the aisle because my dad performed our ceremony. Everett did awesome, dear little fella was even straightening my train and veil right before we came out!

My bouquet - I made. With the help of the awesome women in my family, we did all the flowers. My bouquet was also my something blue. It was wrapped in a blue bandanna that my late Grandfather, my Pop-pop, used to wear when he worked on the farm. It was important to me to have a part of him there with me.
My dad did a great job on our ceremony. It was short and sweet and..perfect!Matt and I laughed and giggled the entire time we were up there. Oh, and I also made my veil.

Instead of rice or bubbles, we had a lavender toss.

Or, as I like to call it, a lavender gauntlet. is scary as can be to look down a lineof 150 of your close friends and family all waiting to pelt you with dried herbs. And why-oh-why didn't I keep my mouth closed?


We danced to "Forever" by Ben Harper. Matt's brother Mike played and sang for us as we danced. The day before the wedding he had an attack of the nerves (I guess) and called and said he didn't think he could do it. I said too late. Sorry Mike, you may be 6'4" and weigh 240, I will hunt you DOWN.

So he did it. And he did awesome, really, he did.

I refused to tell my Dad what song he and I were dancing to. It was top secret info. Only Matt and the DJ knew. And it requires a little background.

When I was little my Grandparents on my Dad's side had a player piano. You know, the kind you pump with your feet and it plays the song for you? Yeah, that.

My dad, sister, and I used to play "The Rainbow Connection" over and over and sing along. I knew(and still know) all the words by age 4. I also loved the Muppets as a child.

So, Daddy and I danced to "The Rainbow Connection" sung by Kermit the Frog. He loved it. That was his reaction to hearing Kermit come it. Have you heard it? Go listen!

All in all, I had a blast. There is so much more, I could post for weeks on it, but that would be boring for you I will refrain. Here are a couple highlights I don't have pictures of just yet..or maybe ever.

-Instead of a bouquet toss we had a pinata for the little kids. It was awesome. I love seeing little kids dive on top of each other for sugar.

-For the processional we hired a bagpiper. He played Highland Cathedral for the bridesmaids, and Amazing Grace for me. So case Amazing Grace didn't make me cry anyway, I will always associate it with our wedding. I heard it in Wal-Mart and stopped dead int he aisle to listen to it. I've got to come up with some sort of a long-term plan for that.

-Mike (aforementioned brother in law) wearing only his t-shirt and tie(and pants of course) alone on the dance floor performing the "Rick Roll."

-Practical jokesters (who still won't fess up!) refilling empty white wine bottles with water. I have only heard this from one I'm not sure when this happened, or how for that matter, but it's funny! fingers are tired. I'm tired of typing. Later folks!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A Contrast in Pictures

Here is the thing. When I take a goofy picture of Matt, he still looks good. When he take a goofy picture of's looks, well, goofy.
For example, here is Matt eating:

I mean really, who takes a picture like that when THEY ARE EATING! Look at those cheekbones. I don't have cheekbones that defined when I make a fishface.

And here is me eating:
Apparently I am a very angry eater.

Let's try again.

Here is Matt as I snap a picture and try to catch him off-guard:hmph. Butthead.

And here is me as I turn and see Matt has the camera pointed at my face:

Oh for goodness sake. I didn't even know I could arch one eyebrow at a time.

One more time...

Matt off guard:

The sun is actually GLINTING off his eyelashes. SO. WRONG.

Bekah:Sucking on a spoon. But defined cheekbones for me. Sigh. Time to give up that dream.

Monday, July 21, 2008

The Dog Days of Summer

Boy-oh-boy is it ever hot out.

So technically dogs aren't allowed in the pool.

But I've always been a rebel.

P.S. Jaco is not a great swimmer. Most of the time he made little circles back to my dad, whose arms you see in the pictures.

Seeing him swim reminded me of my first swimming lessons. I was about 5 when my mom enrolled my older sister and I in lessons. Since I was in the beginner class I had to use a bubble.

Did anyone else ever use a bubble? Essentially it was a Styrofoam tube strapped onto my back. I searched for a photo of one online..but even the great vastness of the Internet has failed me this time.

I lived in fear of my swimming instructor. I remember her looking something like this....

Which is probably a bit of an exaggeration, but what do you want from me...I was five.

I swear on my life that the next statement is NOT an exaggeration. I swear on my favorite pair of shoes. I swear on chocolate that it. is. true.

She used to hold us underwater by our ankles.


I think the intent was to teach us to dive underwater to retrieve weighted rings. I never actually succeeding in obtaining said ring, because as soon as she would lower me HEADFIRST into the water I would claw at her legs until she released me. Basically, I failed the diving portion of beginners swimming. Oh the shame.

Hi, my name is Rebekah, and I can't dive.

I can't do it. And I'm petrified of being held down in water. It's my deep dark secret y'all.

So...if you and I are ever swimming, please don't hold me down in the water. Okay?


Friday, July 18, 2008

A Quick Book Review

Those of you who know me already know this, but for those of you who don't, you should know that I read like books might cease to exist. I can't explain it. I love to read. And through some strange gift of God I read quickly, process what I read, and retain it. I'm not bragging about that, I'm just trying to preface the following statement.

I read three books on our honeymoon.

It's not like I didn't have other things to do. I was on my honeymoon! In Spain no less! I would pick up a book while Matt was in the shower, or I'd take a book on the train, or to the beach. I just like to have a constant paper companion! There is almost always a book in my purse. I can never find my chapstick, but I can pull out a book in about 30 seconds.

I read one of them a second time on the way home. Why? Because it was darn good! And that's what this blog entry is going to be about.

Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen.
I had been wanting to read this book for a while. I would go to the bookstore, pick it up, carry it around, then decide that I wanted to read something else. I was worried that I wouldn't care about the goings-on of a circus.

I was SO wrong my friends. So so so wrong.

I guess it's because I read so much, but it's not often that a book can knock me off my feet the way this one did.

She writes with a very grainy, realistic voice. Which I like. A lot. She also keeps it real. In her words, she uses a "warts and all" approach to her characters. There are times when the main character does something, and the reader thinks "YOU ARE SO STUPID! WHY DID YOU DO THAT?" But then the reader realizes...I would have done that too.

I fell so deeply in love with the one of the main characters. Jacob. He isn't perfect. He isn't always very pleasant. And he makes so really stupid, red-blooded, regrettable decisions. But I like his heart. His heart is good. His heart is tender..and somehow this crazy writer showed me a fictional characters HEART. How? I have no idea. But I like it.

I also fell a little bit (okay okay a lot) in love with Rosie. But I'll let you discover her for yourself.

I don't want to include any spoilers in here, so I'm not going to tell you too much about the actual plot. But it's good my friends. It's real good.

What are you guys reading? Any recommendations? What is on your book list (if you have one)?

Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Lava Lamp Wars

What is it about the neon glow of a lava lamp that so enthralls some men? Is it the slow methodic movement of the backlit ooze? The warmth radiated by the hidden bulb?

Matt has one. I wanted to type "had" one, but no, he HAS one. It was front and center at his old apartment. Every now and then he would plug it in, lay on the bed, and stare at it.

Wanna know a secret? It doesn't lava. I'm pretty sure "lava" is not a verb, but I'm going to use it as one anyway, thanks for understanding.

The goo doesn't move, it just hangs out in a big lump at the bottom. He insists that, given time, it will work. He has left it on overnight and awoken to find....that it still doesn't lava.

I tried to kindly tell him that in our new place, I would kinda sorta prefer that it not show up. He looked somewhat crestfallen, but said that he knows he has to let go of his lava lamp wielding bachelorhood.

After we moved in together I unsuspectingly walked in on him and the lava lamp. It was sitting on the dresser in our bedroom. I didn't say anything and pretended not to notice.

Later, I hid it in the closet. Even though I do not like the lava lamp, I understand that he does, and for that reason I will not be the one to throw it away. But I will hide it. I'm not above that.

The problem with hiding things from Matt is that he ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS finds them.

Yesterday I came home from work to find...

...gulp...'s bad y'all...

..the lava lamp.

In the kitchen.

I stopped dead in my tracks.

"Oh hi! Look what I found!" He said cheerfully, then went about his business as if it were normal to have a purple glowing lava lamp living on the kitchen counter.

I hid it again...but I'm not going to tell you where...he's sneaky, he'll find it.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Marriage Advice...

While I think it is extremely sweet that people offer up advice to newlyweds, it gets to the point where I just want to say...thanks, got it, lets move on. And some of it? Well some of it, I just flat out disagree with.

For example Never go to bed angry. Umm... why the heck would we stay up to fight? I'm much more pleasant and reasonable when I am rested, as are most people I think. I think my new married mantra will be "go to bed angry, go to bed angry." I think that with rest, Matt and I are much more likely to see what the other is saying, and reach a conclusion, whereas if we stayed up to argue, we would both regress to the emotional state of toddlers and succumb to frustrated tears.

I don't want to sound ungrateful, I appreciate that people care enough to offer us advice. But then there are the people who we don't even know. For example, the driver of our airport shuttle. "COMMUNICATION" he told us. Over and over and over.

He would know, he said. After all he has been married three times...

Sigh. Ooookay. Well, thanks anyway driver.

Or maybe the taxi driver in Spain..."PASSION" he says, is the key to marriage. Correct me if I'm wrong here...but while passion is obviously a very good thing in marriage, I'm not sure we can call it "the key."

Why does there have to be a key to marriage anyway? Why can't we acknowledge that a marriage, like any relationship, takes work. I'm 11 days into it and I know that, it took work while we were dating, and it took work while we were engaged. I don't believe there is a secret key to making good marriage, just two people who are willing to stick it out through good and bad.

But what do I know anyway? I go to bed angry.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


We just flew in, and boy are my arms tired! Haha I always wanted to say that...I don't know why. I'm a dork at heart.

Well, we are finally back and starting to try to get things settled down. I'll start updating more this week, but for now here are a few pictures!
(For those who remember some past posts --I'm happy to report that despite the fact that in the period of time leading up to the wedding I was less than 100% excited, by the time the day actually got there I was brimming with excitement!)

The kiss!

More kisses! P.S. My hairdresser completely flaked and went to SOUTH CAROLINA (with no warning, I found that out on the wedding day) so my little sister Beth did my hair. I LOVED it. She did awesome..and totally saved the day!

We play scrabble...we are nerds, but we are happy nerds!
Our awesome bridal party! I loved the suspenders! And the dresses!

Taking a little moment to wind down and be together.
I love love love that picture!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Matthew: THE Backseat Driver

Okay, he doesn't always critique my driving, I'm actually a pretty good driver. The "backseat driving" actually comes in the form of text messages.

He was following me as I merged onto the highway, he didn't make it out behind me(heh...i dunno why) and within 30 second my cell phone beeped.

"Cutting it a little close are we?"

Oooohhhh no he didn't. He wouldn't dare. Would he?

I called him back.

"What do you mean?"

"You know what I mean"

"Whatever! You are texting while driving!!"

By this point he was in the lane next to me, and I could see his shady little grin.

You all know the grin I'm talking've seen in from your significant others I'm sure.

Where do they learn that? Is it like a secret father-son thing? Is that handed down from generation to generation?

Well it ends here you backseat-driving know-it-all little grinner person....guy...

**That's NOT the grin, I have never managed to snap a picture of the grin due to the alarming rise of my blood pressure when the grin comes into play**

Monday, July 7, 2008

Check it out!

You may remember this post I wrote, about how amazing my mother is and how she inspires me.

Well, a nice man from Canada was pretty impressed by the story as well and wrote a book about Valen. My mom plays a big part in it, for obvious reasons.

Oh...I'm in there too. A whole whopping line about me! Actually it's two sentences that my mom said about me at the hospital during her surgery and recovery. "Rebekah was okay. She was my rock."

Told you I'm not a crier! What she doesn't know is that when she wasn't around I was actually quite petrified and cried in quite a few bathrooms.

I'm just sayin...if you see it..pick it up, flip through it, it's truly an awesome story.

Saturday, July 5, 2008



Since this is set to auto post...I can't even guess how to tell you what I will be feeling.

Since I was super excited already, I am probably giddy right about now.

Can't wait to tell you how it went...or rather...what I forgot.

Since I remembered a week ago that people are going to need chair, so I need to rent said chairs, I can guess that some things are going to be rather interesting!

Like I said before, I have no business planning a wedding!

Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th of July!

Happy Independence Day y'all!

Thursday, July 3, 2008


I'm off.

Gettin' hitched. Tying the knot. Jumping the broom. Taking the plunge. I tried really hard to think of other ways to say it...but I think you get the drift. Yes?
Then I'll be MIA for a week, unless Spain turns out to be really boring, in which case I march my little hiney right down to an Internet cafe and start telling you all about the international incidents I have managed to cause. But hey, I figure, this is my first trip with a new I get to start clean right? Right? Huh? That's not how it works?? Seriously? Crap. So you are telling me that all those detentions I racked up in high school are still going to follow me? Dangit all.

I have a couple of auto-posts to go up, but not enough for the whole week. I planned to write enough, but then I realized that I was lazy, and didn't do it.
Happy 4th of July tomorrow!
Be back soon!
Au Revoir! Adios! Arrivederci! Auf Wiedersehen! Tot ziens! Farvel! Goodbye!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


He is such a little stinker. He has learned recently that when he raises his eyebrows he gets...oooh pretty much anything he wants.

It's irresistible. And he knows it.

Oh, and those rocks he is standing on? He seems to think they are food. That can't be good. By seven months a dog should know that rocks aren't edible right?
I vote Matt to take him out for a while...I'm not helping him pass a rock.

He also thinks leather=beef jerky. Belts, shoes, and purses must be kept off the ground at all times.

He has not yet overcome his fear of travel. Or rather, his distaste for travel. I don't think he is actually scared. He rides along in the back of the truck and lets about a big dramatic sigh every 15 minutes or so.

It could have something to do with this repressed memory of his.

*Gosh, camera phones are so fuzzy*

That is the first and only time Matt allowed me to dress our dog...that he knows about anyway. We disagree on the virtues of animal clothes. I love them. What could be cuter than a puppy in a softball tee?

And yes, that is how he used to ride around with me, until he got ginormous. He's a cuddler.

What do you mean that's not safe? Surely you jest.

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