Monday, July 28, 2008

10 Things

10 things you probably didn't know about me:
1. I work for a stenographic/court reporting firm right now, but am actually still in school. I'm close to finishing my degree in Behavioral Science, and am hoping to work as a therapist. That scares me and excites me at the same time.

2. When I get stressed out I go to sleep, for a LONG time. Once at Rutgers I slept for the entire weekend before finals. Probably not the wisest approach to test-taking!

3. I love Starburst jellybeans, if I'm not careful I will eat an entire bag in one sitting...and often do.

4. My parents thought I was deaf when I was around two years old. They would call my name and I wouldn't look, or even seem to hear them. They took me to the doctor for hearing tests, but it turned out that I was just ignoring them.

5. I have moved 9 times that I can think of...possibly more.

6.I love to paint, as in paint walls. I find it relaxing. Edging is my favorite, I've been told that's weird.

7. I am a nervous cook. I like to cook dinner, I think it's a lot of fun, but I get very nervous when it actually comes time to have someone else (Matt) eat the food. He tells me it is good and usually gets more, but then I think of that Brad Paisley song where he says they were "eating burnt suppers the whole first year, and asking for seconds to keep her from tearing up" and I worry that this is the case.

8. I was diagnosed as anorexic when I was 19, that's a hard thing to admit, but I see so many young girls refuse to admit that they have a problem that I feel like I have to talk about it so that they know there is hope and they can get better. I don't know if I will write about that in detail here, because I like to keep things a little lighter here on Countrymouse.

9. One of my goals in life is to fill a passport with stamps, but now that I have changed my name I have to start over.

10. Wow. 10 was a lot. Umm.....I make my bed (almost) every morning. Sorry that last one is lame. I know it.

Your turn! Tell me something I probably don't know about you, either in the comments or on your blog, but let me know so I can go see what you write!


  1. So I totally sleep when I get stressed too. I would sleep while my friends studied for finals. (Luckily, when I woke up, they'd catch me up) I was notorious for that.

    The anorexia admission was hard, I'm sure. Admitting Mr. C and I had a fight was hard for me, I can't imagine admitting something deep! Do you still fight it? How did you get over it? (I understand if you don't want to share!)

  2. its not that i MIND sharing, i just dont necessarily want to turn this into a blog about it, if that makes sense.

    I think that I'll always fight it to an extent. I can also say that I am much better. Physically and mentally. I dont think its something that will ever go away completely, and in times of stress I am much more susceptible to it. I think a big part of fighting it is being aware of it, and hearing that inner voice that is telling me that i need to be thin to be happy.

    I also cant forget that when I was so extremely underweight I was FAR from happy. I was miserable and completely trapped, not to mention my body was literally deteriorating at an incredible rate.

    I had a lot of incredible people as a support system, so that really helped as well.

    Its a weird thing...I was always that girl that couldnt understand HOW someone could ever be anorexic...then before I knew it I was in bad shape.

  3. so you go into mini coma's while your super stressed? wow. impressive.

    You have an uncanny way of ignoring your parents? Also quite impressive. Bet that skill came in handy as a teenager.

    And your an excellent painter? Could you come over to my house? We have a huge amount of walls to paint. I'll pay you in Starburst jelly beans!

    And I completely relate to the nervous cooking part. But little secret: Guys don't care that much. They are just excited that your cooking and that means that they are eating.

    And speaking of eating.... I am so proud of you for admitting your past. I know exposing yourself is so scary. I feel like that ALL.THE.TIME when talking about my relationship (or lack of one) with my mother. And I'm super proud that you were able to get healthy again. I know its a battle you still have to deal with, but you made it to the other side.

    [[[[[[[Big Hugs]]]]]]]

    And I love it when you share your deep thoughts or personal past. I don't think its too dark.

    And since this comment isn't long enough.... I'll share a quirk of mine. After I eat my morning cereal, I let any of my four cats drink the leftover milk. In fact they are doing this as I type this. I spoil them rotten. LOL.

  4. I love Number 4 - of course you were!


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