Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A Contrast in Pictures

Here is the thing. When I take a goofy picture of Matt, he still looks good. When he take a goofy picture of me..it's looks, well, goofy.
For example, here is Matt eating:

I mean really, who takes a picture like that when THEY ARE EATING! Look at those cheekbones. I don't have cheekbones that defined when I make a fishface.

And here is me eating:
Apparently I am a very angry eater.

Let's try again.

Here is Matt as I snap a picture and try to catch him off-guard:hmph. Butthead.

And here is me as I turn and see Matt has the camera pointed at my face:

Oh for goodness sake. I didn't even know I could arch one eyebrow at a time.

One more time...

Matt off guard:

The sun is actually GLINTING off his eyelashes. SO. WRONG.

Bekah:Sucking on a spoon. But still...no defined cheekbones for me. Sigh. Time to give up that dream.


  1. Ok this one totally cracked me up. Mr. Cat seems to ALWAYS have a camera in my face (especially while we were dating) and I have SO DAMN MANY pictures of me looking slightly retarded, with bad skin, and a fat ass. I'm pretty sure its the wrong angle....er.... right??

    Oh and you are totally cute too. That middle one is definitely cute.

    Although, Matt DOES take good random pictures. Hrmph.

  2. I think your pictures are just as cute... although you're right, there's no sun glistening off your eyelashes... but I think there's a little glisten on the slobber on the spoon!! hee hee.

    Maybe it's all in the picture-taker's ability. You have a gift at catching the good side and he has a gift at catching the goofy side!!

  3. I especially love the eyebrow arch. Classic! I wouldn't say ANY of those are BAD!

    But I do I hear ya...no matter what, Big D looks good in a pic, big happy grin.

    Me? Usually double-chin, horrible profile shot, mouth hanging open or a weird face. Ugh.

  4. I see your point but I must say you both look pretty hawt to me!


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