Monday, July 21, 2008

The Dog Days of Summer

Boy-oh-boy is it ever hot out.

So technically dogs aren't allowed in the pool.

But I've always been a rebel.

P.S. Jaco is not a great swimmer. Most of the time he made little circles back to my dad, whose arms you see in the pictures.

Seeing him swim reminded me of my first swimming lessons. I was about 5 when my mom enrolled my older sister and I in lessons. Since I was in the beginner class I had to use a bubble.

Did anyone else ever use a bubble? Essentially it was a Styrofoam tube strapped onto my back. I searched for a photo of one online..but even the great vastness of the Internet has failed me this time.

I lived in fear of my swimming instructor. I remember her looking something like this....

Which is probably a bit of an exaggeration, but what do you want from me...I was five.

I swear on my life that the next statement is NOT an exaggeration. I swear on my favorite pair of shoes. I swear on chocolate that it. is. true.

She used to hold us underwater by our ankles.


I think the intent was to teach us to dive underwater to retrieve weighted rings. I never actually succeeding in obtaining said ring, because as soon as she would lower me HEADFIRST into the water I would claw at her legs until she released me. Basically, I failed the diving portion of beginners swimming. Oh the shame.

Hi, my name is Rebekah, and I can't dive.

I can't do it. And I'm petrified of being held down in water. It's my deep dark secret y'all.

So...if you and I are ever swimming, please don't hold me down in the water. Okay?



  1. Our dog isn't a great swimmer, but to be fair she's only been twice. She doggy paddles like her life depends on it. She's funny to watch.

    And you ain't kiddin' when you say that it's HOT OUTSIDE. Yuck.

    I can't believe your swim instructor held you guys under. I'm glad I never took swim lessons! Talk about being scared for life!!

  2. your swim instructor sounds like a nazi. and the picture of that lady will haunt me in my nightmares. thanks for that.

    you should have learned to swim by my husband. he used to teach swim to kids and was a lifeguard. all the kids loved him. I got a keeper.

  3. haha sorry imagine her stomping around your memories! ack!

    gosh i bet he doesnt hold kindergartners under! sheesh!

  4. My big dog, Tucker, is a HORRIBLE swimmer. Which is hilarious considering he is a yellow lab...essentially a WATER DOG. He swims upfront, like feet towards the bottom and shoulders up out of the water, and kind of flails about (if it's deep) until we rescue him. I laugh EVERY SINGLE TIME. ;-) Jaco looks like he is about the same swimming level. LOL


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