Tuesday, July 15, 2008


We just flew in, and boy are my arms tired! Haha I always wanted to say that...I don't know why. I'm a dork at heart.

Well, we are finally back and starting to try to get things settled down. I'll start updating more this week, but for now here are a few pictures!
(For those who remember some past posts --I'm happy to report that despite the fact that in the period of time leading up to the wedding I was less than 100% excited, by the time the day actually got there I was brimming with excitement!)

The kiss!

More kisses! P.S. My hairdresser completely flaked and went to SOUTH CAROLINA (with no warning, I found that out on the wedding day) so my little sister Beth did my hair. I LOVED it. She did awesome..and totally saved the day!

We play scrabble...we are nerds, but we are happy nerds!
Our awesome bridal party! I loved the suspenders! And the dresses!

Taking a little moment to wind down and be together.
I love love love that picture!


  1. Beeeeeeeeeeeeee-utiful pictures! And bride! And everything!

    And you are right...your hair came out awesome! I can't believe your hairdresser forgot your appointment...did you freak? I had a couple mini-meltdowns the morning of the wedding (and I am so NOT THAT GIRL...but it was like the stress caught up with me) for instance when an important jeweled piece of my borrowed headpiece completely broke off. HA HA!

  2. Your pictures are beautiful!! And you're right, the last one is a perfect setting. I love it!

    And I'm glad to hear that your sister saved the day. Your hair looks great, so I'm glad that it didn't faze you. (At least after the initial shock)

  3. So incredibly beautiful..... all of it. And you? Stunning! You are a better person than I. I would have flipped my lid and bawled my eyes out if my hairdresser did that. But your sister did an incredible job. You hair is gorgeous!

    Glad your back!

  4. Precious Mrs. Rosebud Weyrauch!
    What a Blessed and Beautiful Day it was! XOXO

  5. What beautiful pictures! Congratulations :-).

    Cxx (another country mouse!)

  6. oh and yes I freaked. But I did it Bekah style, which actually just invloves a lot fo silence and staring...my poor mother-in-law tried so hard to make me laugh. It wasnt going to happen.

  7. I love the pictures, The one of your bridal party is great. The last one too-is so neat!!


  8. Bekah, these are absolutely beautiful pictures! I would fire your hairdresser and have your sister always do your hair!!!!! She's a born stylist.

    Positively awesome.


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