Friday, August 1, 2008


This post is dedicated to my friend Justin, who doesn't read this blog. Nor is he aware of it's existence, so basically what I am saying is, he has no idea I am writing about him. He lives in Georgia now so I rarely see him, but we keep in touch (or at least, we try to keep in touch).

My mom and his mom were buddies and since he is only one year older than me they had great aspirations of joining our families by betrothal. We both vetoed that idea pretty quickly, but he is still one of my best buddies.

Also, he is a gigantic jerkface.

One of his favorite past-times when we were younger was riding around in his car, blasting music as loud as possible and singing along. I know, I know, you are wondering why that makes him a jerkface(although you understand why that makes him obnoxious). Trust me...that's not the half of it. We would both sing along and he would wait until I got really into the song, then quickly reach up and flick the mute button so I am left wailing at the top of my lungs while hitting a completely non-existant note until my voice broke. I can't sing people, I really can't. This usually happened when we were sitting at a red light with the windows rolled down and the people in the next car were all, "Oh, I think she has Tourette's" and would smile over at me and nod their heads like they understood. JERKFACE!

He and I had an ongoing contest of who was grosser(grossest?), boys or girls. I gotta tell you, girls are pretty gross. Pretty darn gross. Not all girls mind you, but some of them ruined the contest for me. I don't even want to tell you the story that took the contest, but it involved a gynocologist and a yeast infection, I'll leave the rest up to your imagination.

He used to work at at outdoors adventure camp and would call me an update me with the most random stories. Or just a random text "Hey a girl camper just walked in on me naked, what do I do?"

"Have you tried wearing pants?"

There was one story he told me about a young camper who came to him because he was (alledgedly) having problems at home. At first I thought that maybe Justin had reached out to someone and that this would be a touching story. Boy was I wrong! So, this kid was telling him about how he was just having a lot of trouble at school, and that he was fighting with his parents, etc. Then he told Justin about how he has been smoking the pot. Yes, folks, THE pot. In Justin's words "As soon as he said 'the pot' I knew it was all made up."

Gosh I love that guy, don't you dare tell him that! He will never let me live it down! He also got married recently, here is a snippet of an email he wrote to me about the fact that we were both getting married "It's crazy to think about the fact that we will both be married. Let's be honest neither one of us is mature enough for that but hey I'm okay with it."

Yep. That's my Jerkface.



  1. Isn't it great to have a friend like that? One you knew for such a long time and the fact that hes a guy and you didnt marry him makes it great! My first boyfriend was my best friend since I was 6! We dated all the time but never anything serious. He was my date for everything, formals, proms, etc. I thought we were going to get married some day but he turned out to be all wrong at least for me. We decided friends is what fit us! Well we texted each other every day, my husband was fine with it, they use to be friends as kids. well he dated this girl, didnt like that we have a great friendship and he had to ditch me right before he got married..broke my heart. So kudos to you for having that friend of yours!

  2. Holy crap, that pictures is a CLASSIC! LOL What a cool-sounding friend and how lucky you both are to have each other!


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